Varicose Veins, What They Are , And A Varicose Vein DIY Treatment

Varicose vein treatment

Varicose Veins. What are they? I started noticing a patch of veins. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it. However, the patch did not go away, and it started to concern me what was happening?

Varicose Veins

Wow, I had heard of these, but never thought I would have to worry about these puppies or even experience them. Thankfully, I have found a


to help with this less than pretty veins using

Essential Oils

Before we jump right in to the DIY, I wanted to share with you all the research that I found, and learned….

So, What Are Varicose Veins Anyways?

To understand this we must start with understanding anatomy.

Veins are the vessels that help blood flow throughout your body.

vericose veinsThe heart pumps the blood to your lungs. From there the blood is then infused with oxygen. The oxygen infused blood then spread throughout the body, using your vessels called arteries.

From the arteries, the blood flows to tiny little vessels called capillaries. This is where the oxygen is released or “ given up” to the tissues in the body.

The blood then returns to the heart, and the whole process is repeated.

(Side note): Isn’t the human body amazing!!!

Now, veins only have (1) way valves to send the blood. Think of it like this, a straw has the ability to receive or release liquid. Unlike this straw, the valves within our body do not have this option. The flow can not be reversed, and the blood can only be pushed down. So, if the valves become damaged, the blood can no longer travel throughout that part, and the blood will start to back up, and collect within the veins. Your veins will then become in inflamed, which leads to what is called “ varicose veins”. Crazy. I know.

What Do Varicose Veins Look Like?

Most of the time a good sign of a varicose vein is a patchy spot of veins that are purple or reddish in color. They can be swollen and or raised. A lot of people experience pain at the site.


Varicose veins are externally common. Especially in woman. 25 to 30 % of adults have them.
The majority of the location varicose veins occur are on the lower leg.

How Did I Get Them, And Why?

There are a lot of causes, some more concerning than others.

Long Amounts of Standing
And good ol’ genes

So, How Do I Know For Sure If These Veins are Varicose Veins?

Some of varicose veins symptoms are:


Sometimes even painful.

Some other signs are achy, swelling, and heaviness at the site of the veins.

What Will Happen If I Get Varicose Veins?

For the most part, varicose veins are pretty much harmless. However, due to the nature of the process, when the blood builds up, this may cause blood clots.

Another thing I would like to add is that varicose veins can cause “ lack of” circulation. See the body was designed to allow blood to flow freely throughout the body. When the veins become damaged, the blood can no longer travel like it was intended to. This may lead to circulation problems.

What Options Do I Have?

Well, I have seen that some surgeons are now operating to remove these veins. I know that for me, I do not want “ go under the knife”. Another thing I have seen a lot of is wrinkle creams. gels, and other lotions that clam the “ heal” varicose veins. Not only do I not believe that these artificial creams work. They are also filled with chemical Gar-Bagh. This is not anything you will see me placing on my body.

Despite all of this, I bring good news! There is a way to help with these unsightly veins without surgery or scam creams. Anytime I can use natural remedies for varicose veins that really work, you will always see me opt in! You will not believe how easy this is. Again, I am all about the simple and easy!

Home Treatment Of Varicose Veins Using Essential Oils.


Lemon Oil: Not only does Lemon Oil help with rejuvenating dry, dull skin. It is also been shown to increase circulation throughout the body.




Olive Oil: Olive Oil contains high amounts of Vitamin K. This Vitamin helps with the rebuilding of red blood cells, along with helping the body with circulation distress.


Now that you can see why these two oils make a wonderful combo.

Here is how to apply.

Mix 4 Tbls of Olive Oil with about 4-5 drops of Lemon Oil. Store this in an air tight glass container.

Apply a small amount to the varicose vein area.

Repeat once a day.

That’s it, I told ya, you can add this one to your  list of easy diy projects.

Now, My go to brand for all of my Essential Oils is Plant Therapy Essential Oils. I really like the quality of their product. They insure that every oil they use is tested to make sure that no added products have been mixed in. They are pure essential oils. I trust this company, and stand by them. . Give them a try!!

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

>Stay Healthy Friends,
30 Day Challenge:

Here I will be posting a new picture every week to show you all how this Essential Oil treatment is working for me. However, here is the deal. I also want to see your progress too. Make sure you leave me comments and pictures. Opt in with me and lets take this challenge together. Its time to take action, and see results.


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