Strep Throat, The Best Natural Cure I Have Found

natural cures, and home remedies

Today’s blog is all about the everyday livin, strep throat and the challenges that o

strep throat.

When I started looking for some DIY/ natural cures and home remedies…I was left with some slim pickins. Especially when it came to natural cures for kids.

So, I thought, why not write my own. I wanted to provide the information I learned with others in case they may be in the same boat.

I hope you will be able use and apply some of these methods. Again, this is what worked for us. I will start off with the timeline of events what led up to the strep, and  the down slope of recovery.  Then I will break down what we did, why, and the effects.

Here we go..

Day 1: Darling D woke up stating that her throat was bothering her. At this point I should have been more “in tuned“. However, being optimistic I just thought that she may have caught a lot of ZZZZ with her mouth opened and she was dried out. As the day progressed she really didn’t say anything more about her throat.

Day 2: Darling D woke up again stating her throat was bothering her. Ok, mommy radar started to sound. Yet, still being optimistic I stated that she needed to take it easy today. Thinking maybe she was fighting off a common cold, and her body could kick it. No more mention of anything.

Day 3: Darling D woke up in the middle of the night with a fever. Ding, Ding, Ding, full blown mommy radar. Symptoms had now progressed to sore throat, lethargicness,  stuffy nose and fever. Yet no cough, and no runny nose. First thing that came up was tonsillitis. Oh boy! What is one to think.. .Being me of course, my first reaction is thinking the worst I’m thinking hospitals, and surgery… bla, bla, bla. it’s a really good thing I have a level headed husband to keep me grounded.. Darling D rested all day, an by the end of the day she seamed to be doing a lot better. Yet we made a big mistake… Orange Juice!!! Lesson learned never give a sore throat citrus.

Day 4: I blame to OJ…. The Fever returned, along with all of the other symptoms. Ok, something was going on, what was it… and then it happened “open up and say AAAhh.. White spots, oh the dreaded white spots.  As soon as that happened I knew, it is not tonsillitis. It is strep throat! Oh my poor baby! I am so thankful to have a holistic based RN in the family. My husband got on the phone with her and she provided us with some grateful information, some of which I already knew.. But I guess in the heat of the moment, you kind of forget.. Darling D’s new destination was couch bound. Frozen fruit, veggie broth, and lots and lots of water was on the menu for the next few days.

Day 5: I must say being a couch potato with my little girl was nice. However, seeing her not feeling well, was not. Rest, rest, rest.. A big key.

Day 6: Darling D was back to her old self.. Agh, welcome back!

So we knocked out strep throat in 6 days without using antibiotics.

Lets talk about antibiotics:

Strep throatHere is why Antibiotics are at the bottom of my list, I only use antibiotics when I absolutely have to, and here is why. They kill everything within your body, Yes, they kill the bad bacteria, but they also kill the good. Therefore, leaving your body vulnerable to everything. I have heard people say well it’s a good way to start over. They have that right. Yes, you are starting over, but is that in anyway good? Nope. It takes years to build up good flora (good white cells). Remember, inside our bodies there is a constant battle going on. “Good guys, VS bad guys“. If you destroy all of the good guys, the bad guys always win, and its much easier to gain bad guys, than good. That means “sickness” in all shapes and sizes. That’s a no go in my book.

Here are the natural cures and home remedies we used to help little D’s body fight off strep throat naturally


Colloidal Silver: We use a very high quality of 500ppm. ¼ a teaspoon (2) times day. That was all that was needed. Colloidal Silver is used to kill off harmful bacteria, and virus naturally. Remember, you always want to use a very trusted brand.. This means no buying colloidal silver from Applesauce Pete on the side of the road.


Natural curesHydration- Cold water and lots of it. Always keep a cup filled with water. Have them sip it, constantly or as much as possible. Not only is it helping reduce the pain, but it is also assisting in flushing out the system.


Home remediesClean Eating: Skip the heavy meals when little ones or even adults are fighting. Our immune systems are  not very good a multitasking. Therefore, when the body is working hard and devoting all energy to fighting off bacteria, or viruses it doesn’t like to be interrupted to break down hard to digest food, such as carbs, processed, and starchy foods. You should stay way from these in general. But, when sick it will cause a nasty tummy ache.  Fruit and green smoothies are wonderful, it provides you with nutrients, and vitamins your body needs, yet it doesn’t have to work super hard to digest. Another great thing to always have on hand is some organic veggie broth. Heat up a nice bowl of broth and sip on it, again, feels great on the throat, easy to digest, and you are still getting the nutrients your body needs.
Home remediesKeep clean and germ free: One of my biggest concerns was contamination to the other kids. Thankfully they did not catch it. I made sure I was constantly wiping down the house. Bathroom, living room, everywhere.. FYI Lysol used to be my go to. However, now knowing what Lysol is, I no longer use. I create my own cleaning products using essential oils.
Home remediesRaw Honey: With all of the properties that raw honey has, this makes a wonderful natural product that helps sooth the throat, and kills bacteria. Remember, always buy Raw Honey. It is the only honey that will provide these benefits.


Sore throatProbiotics: This is what provides the “Good” Bacteria or good guys as I like to call them. Again, the good guys fights off the bad within your gut. The more good bacteria within your gut, the less likely of getting sick. Plain Greek Yogurt is a great source of probiotics. Be sure not to get a flavored yogurt, these are filled with sugar and defeats the purpose. You can self sweeten with the Raw Honey.



Essential Oils: There are many ways to use essential Oils when it comes to Healthcare. You can defuse them in a humidifier, or even on the stove in water. You can dilute with a carrier oil  such as coconut, almond, or olive. Rub on the feet, or chest. Plant Therapy makes a great line of essential Oils and products. They have a kid approved “ Kid Safe” synergy oil called Germ destroyer. This one was defused in our home almost 247 this past week. Check out my page to see all the DIY with essential oils.


organic coconut oilOil Pulling: Basically, Oil Pulling is when you place no more than a spoonful of organic, cold pressed oil. Coconut is our go to. However, you can use olive and swish in your mouth for approx 10 mins. Now, for a child 10 mins would never do… 1 to 2 mins would be great for them. What this does is, it removes toxins in the body, and bacteria in the mouth. Make sure to never swallow; always spit out and throw away. You would not want to re-infect your body, remember the oil absorbs all of the toxins.


Organic teaTea: A good cup of tea can provide healing to the throat. Chamomile is wonderful. Checkout my review on organic tea.



Home remedies

Rest: As much as a child loves to play, keep them resting. And for you adults, the same goes for you. rest is key, you will never get better if you do not rest.



That pretty much breaks down how we fought Strep Throat using home remedies,and natural cures.

One thing I want to make sure I add, always trust your instincts. If no improvement is seen you may need to contact a healthcare provider.

Again, I hope this helps you and your family.

Stay Healthy Friends,



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