Soap, Is It Really Natural? A Healthy DIY Body Wash

DIY Soap With Essential Oils

SoapSoap- We all use it. We all need it. But do you know what you are really placing on your body? I think its time for a new

DIY Soap Body Wash

Before I can show you how to replace your soaps, you must know why.

Soaps have fillers,and artificial chemicals. These products are harmful to your body. Not only are you harming your skin, you are also harming your insides.

Did you know that your skin is your biggest organ? Everything you place on your skin goes right into your blood stream.Skin

Go check out my DIY laundry soap where I explain these chemicals.

To add it this, I recently found out some even more disturbing information.

Below a list of ingredients. This ingredient list is for a very popular bar soap. This is a soap that I grew up using.

Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Palmate, Water, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Fragrance, Coconut Acid, Palm Kernel Acid, Tallow Acid, Palm Acid, and Tetrasodium EDT

Again, Artificial, Synthetic, And Chemical Junk are all added to soaps. Things like:

  • Aluminum Sulfates
  • Sodium Lauryl
  • Laureth Sulfate (SLS)
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates

But have you ever heard of Sodium Tallowate?

What is that?

Well, To simply put it- Sodium Tallowate is made from the fatty tissue and or bone of animals. Otherwise known as animal byproducts. To add to the grossness, the byproduct can even be the whole entire carcasses of the animal. …Scrub – A- Dub-Dub

CowThe animals used are cattle, and or sheep.


Well, how many of you would stand inline to purchase dead animals? Exactly my point… They use it because they can get it for cheap The meat industry has so much waist, and no where to dispose it. So, when the soap industry found out that they could use this byproduct, it was a big win for them. They name their price, and sell for 3 times the amount.


I don’t know about you, but animal byproducts are not my ideal spa treatment, let alone a home soap.Soap

So, what is one to do when they don’t want to be washing with How Now Brown Cow?


Make your own!!! Making your own body wash Soapis really the only way your are going to know exactly what is being used, and control your ingredients.

This is the easiest, fastest, and most health friendly DIY Body Wash.

I like to use

Essential Oils

Not only do essential oils smells wonderful, they can also be super beneficial to your skin.

Here are my favorite oils in this DIY recipe and why..

Essential oilTea Tree Oil – Otherwise known as Melaleuca. This oil comes from its home town of Australia. This native Plant is known to kill viruses, fungi, and bacteria. It is also high in antiseptic and anti- inflammatory properties. Here are just a few things Tea Tree Oil is know to asset with. Candida, Jock itch, Fungus, Head Lice, Staph Infections, Acne, Eczema, and Bacterial Infections. This is a staple oil everyone should have in their home.

Essential oilLavender Oil – So first off, lavender is smells A-mazing! Who wouldn’t want to smell like this all day. When it comes to the benefits lavender isn’t slacken. This oil ranks high in antioxidants that help your body’s defense with free radicals. It has also been shown to help with brain support such as migraines, and stress, and even PTSD. Lavender also is known for its antimicrobial support. Things like cuts, scrapes burns, and wounds are no match for this power house.

For all of my essential Oils I choose

Plant Therapy Essential Oils.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

They have pure essential oils. High quality products, that do not break the bank. They have an ever growing organic line that is sure to please. 

 I encourage you to click the link above and go check them out!

Now that you know why these are my favorite.

Lets get to the other ingredients

Castile Soap– Suds me up buttercup! Castile soap is your foaming agent, without artificially created suds. I like to make my own castile soap using Kirks Castile Bar Soap. I re-hydrate the bars and use in all my household items.

Raw Honey – I know, you are thinking HONEY? Yes, honey darling… honey is filled with wonderful benefits. Honey not only can be used for the inside but also for the outside. It helps with moisture and elasticity without drying out the skin. Anti-bacterial properties can also help with blemishes and it is great on all types of skin. Yet, don’t worry you will not be left feeling sticky.. Using honey is this DIY Body Wash will leave you feeling smooth, and fresh. However, you must be sure to use RAW honey. Otherwise, you will be missing out on all of the benefits Raw honey has to offer.

Olive Oil- Smooth as a babies bottom. I use Olive Oil for its moisturizing properties. Olive Oil is also great for aiding with circulation. Check out my DIY for varicose Veins.

Vitamin E – Not only is vitamin E known for its moisturizing agents, it also has a lot of repairing and antioxidant properties. Now, being a homemade DIY product, the antioxidant properties can naturally help with extending the shelf life of this product.

Now for the recipie:


Ultra Moisturizing, Naturally Germ Fighting Body Wash Recipe:

  • 1/3 Cup Castile Soap
  • 1/3 Cup Raw Honey
  • 1/3 Teaspoons Olive Oil
  • 1 Teaspoon Vitamin E
  • 7- 10 Drops Tea Tree Oil
  • 10- 15 Drops Lavender Oil

Mix all together, and add to a shower safe bottle.

Despite my love for glass jars, this is one recipe where I opt in for a BPA Fee Plastic Bottle.

This DIY Body wash is sure to leave you clean and fresh.

Mark this recipe down as one of the easiest DIY, that is sure to stick around for a long time.!!!!

Stay Healthy Friends