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Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly

Have you ever though to yourself what is in Petroleum Jelly?  will let you know its nothing short of By products, and chemical additives. Let me show you a natural alternative.

petroleum jelly side effects

One of the, if not the biggest things I have learned about Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline is that, if this product getting into your lungs it can cause a form of pneumonia.


VaselineHmm so the next time you go to put a dab of this on your dry nostril I would think again.



Is Vaseline bad for you? Well I will let you make that choice, but I will tell YA that’s a product you will not longer find in my home.

Here is what I use instead: petroleum jelly alternatives

Natural DIY Moisturizing, Non-Petroleumized Cream

½ Cup Olive Oil
1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil
2 ½ Tablespoon Beeswax
10 Drops Sniffle Stopper essential Oil by Plant Therapy


  • Mix the olive and coconut oil with the beeswax in a bowl
  • Place the bowl over a low- med heat                     ( double boiler method)
  • Mix until all is combined and liquefied.

Note: Do not get discouraged the beeswax will take sometime to melt down

  • Once all is liquefied, remove from heat
  • Add your choice of essential oils
  • Place into your favorite container

Note: This will reform, and harden fast.. Make sure to act fast when transferring to jars.

  • Re-hydrate your skin as needed


For all of my Essential Oils I make sure to use Plant Therapy Essential Oils.

They offer high quality products that I truly feel good about using on not only my body, but my families as well.

They also offer many different kinds of already combined products such as lotions, body care items, carrier oils, and even the beeswax I used to make this product!

Check them out!!

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

I hope you will try this DIY, and ditch that other stuff

Stay Healthy Friends