Natural DIY Lotion Using Essential Oils

Diy lotion

The difference between using natural

diy lotion

using essential oils stuff we buy is like day and night.

Have you ever read the back of your lotion bottle? The average consumer would say well if they sell it in the store it must be ok.
Sorry to break it to ya honey that is just not the case. That’s why it is so important to use natural products like

Essential oils,

to make this

Natural Lotion
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What Is Yeast Extract – A Meatless Alternative Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try out a new meatless product. I was quite excited to try this product out.

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Is Coconut Oil Healthy, How Do I Know I’m Using The Right Kind?

Over the last week, I have been asked about “Coconut Oil” by a handful of people. Some unknowing what coconut is, and others thinking all coconut oils are created equally.

Have no fear, I am here to help you

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Traditional Medicinals – An Organic Tea Review

Organic tea


 Traditional Medicinals Thank you Traditional Medicinals for participating in this review, and providing your teas for me to sample.

I was never a tea drinker until the last year. It wasn’t that I didn’t like tea, I just didn’t drink it. So you ask how did I start drinking tea, and why do I drink tea?

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This week I stocked up on our monthly favorites, and added a few new goodies.

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