Natural Mole Cures


Is living with moles or warts really ruining your quality of life? Do you wish there were natural


cures? Well today is your lucky day because there are! Actually, there are several ways to permanently remove moles, warts, and skin tags with natural methods. This may be shocking to some of you, as it was to me when I first learned of some of this information. I myself have struggled with moles since I was in middle school. I kept hoping that there would be some new scientific breakthrough, or an herb discovered from the Brazilian Rainforest which could cure my moles. 

I routinely asked my dermatologist if there were any new advancements in dealing with moles, and he always had the same answer, “No”. It wasn’t until years later, when I did an Internet search, that I unearthed the incredible findings. There were indeed alternative methods to surgery. The best part was that these methods were easy, cheap, and natural at that! Discovering this information was the beginning of a long journey for me.

A journey for the truth which has led me to a whole new perspective on health, wealth, and life. We will save the latter two topics for another day. For now let me share some of this information, which was a true catalyst in me changing my life for the better. I hope it has the same transforming effect on you, as it did on me.

Wow, so you can actually removal moles yourself at home with simple natural methods? My answer to that is, “absolutely”. In fact, I was floored to learn just how many remedies and products there were for this problem. Honestly, I never saw that many people with as many moles as me, so I blindly figured that maybe there was no demand for this information. Well I was wrong, so let’s get right to the methods I have tried. Please bare in mind that these methods may work differently depending on the person and the type of wart, mole or skin tag.

Great Natural Mole Cures

Raw garlic sliced and soaked in apple cider vinegar
Blood root (natural native American plant-based salve)
Food grade hydrogen peroxide

In addition to these there, are literally dozens of other natural mole cures; and natural remedies which will heal warts and skin tags as well. I only wanted to mention the ones that I used. All three cures had about equal effectiveness. They work to destroy the bacteria which produces these blemishes. In my case it sometimes took a few  applications to totally remove the moles.

There are also two natural mole removal products I tried. Dermatend is a bloodroot based product. It works pretty good, but has slight burning sensation when left on for too long.

The second was a plant based product called “Nevi No More” by fonoils. It had a slower effect for me so I would have to say it was the least effective in my case. I think having a better understanding of what causes moles, warts and skin tags (bacteria), along with a knowledge of how to properly apply the methods, will free you from the pain of living with these blemishes.

I strongly recommend getting advice from a suitable practitioner of these methods. I am not one, which is why I did not go into the application of these cures. I just wanted to introduce everyone to the knowledge. There are a lot of free resources on the web, but I suggest you get your information through a reputable source.

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