Natural DIY Lotion Using Essential Oils

Diy lotion

The difference between using natural

diy lotion

using essential oils stuff we buy is like day and night.

Have you ever read the back of your lotion bottle? The average consumer would say well if they sell it in the store it must be ok.
Sorry to break it to ya honey that is just not the case. That’s why it is so important to use natural products like

Essential oils,

to make this

Natural Lotion

DIY lotionHere is a list of a popular lotion:

Dimethicone, Avena Sativa, Kernel flour, benzyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, distearyldimonium chloride, glycerin, isopropyl, palmitate, petrolatum, sodium chloride, water

Now, let’s break down these ingredients in this store bought lotion.

Dimethicone: I like to call this the plastic wrap of cosmetics. This ingredient is a silicone based oil, leaving an artificial smoothness on your skin.  It does not wash off and keeps everything, including bacteria trapped inside. Ever wonder why your face breaks out more so when you use lotion? It may not be from the oil, it may actually be the bacteria doing what it does best. Naturally, the body releases toxins from the pores. Dimethicone blocks this from happening, and ultimately suffocates your pores.

Avena Sativa/ Kernel flour:  Although I do not have much to say about this, Avena Sativa ( wild Oats) is actually good for the body. However, my concern is with the type of oats used? Are these GMO oats? FYI Kernel Flour is Avena Sativa ( Wild Oats) ground up

Benzyl Alcohol: Now, here is where companies like to play games. Benzyl Alcohol can be natural its can be found as a component in plants, trees, and even teas. Also, some essential oils have this in it. Yet, I must break to you that companies do not use this version. Instead they use a synthetic version. This is done by mixing chemicals together to create this compound. Why? Well, it’s a lot cheaper to create it in a lab, rather than obtain it naturally. This product is highly irritating to the skin. Why do they add it? Well, it’s a preservative, it keeps the products self life longer.  It is also used as a mixer. In other words it is used to mix other ingredients into it, to make a smooth consistency. Benzyl Alcohol has a ever harsh effect of the immune system, and can break it down. This causes skin reactions such as, burning, itching, blistering, and even dermatitis.

Cetyl Alcohol–  Concerning enough, cetyl is actually made from 1. Spermaceti of whales or dolphins or 2. Coconut..  I know for me without know 100% the product I’m using comes from Coconuts… I think that is enough for me to take a pass..  But it gets even better! If you ever decide to buy a bucket of this stuff. You would read the warning label “ Do not place on skin” .. yup you read that right, one of the main ingredients in your lotion, you should not even be placing on to your skin. Need a say more

Distearyldimonium Chloride: This has also been called Ammonium Salt, once again another chemical placed into a so called natural product. This ingredient was made to artificially create a “smooth” feeling. Its all fake people. This so called natural lotion isn’t really healing your skin, however, it has been created to give the appearance of that. This is also toxic to your organs.

Glycerin: This product can be made out of animal fat or vegetable oil. Seeing the lack there of, on the specificity of the type of glycerin used. I would not feel comfortable spreading animal fat all over my body, just sayin…

Isopropyl Palmitate:  This ingredient is very similar to dimethicone, in the fact that it traps moisture in. Moisture is not always a good thing, especially when it is made artificially. This product has been known to cause extreme acne, and increased blackheads.

Petrolatum: Agh, don’t you love the smell of gasoline early in the morning, well, if you gooping this on to your body, you betta. Patrolatum is a by-product of gasoline. Otherwise known as vasoline. Petrolatum is used to once again artificially create a moisturizing effect.

I have to tell you a little story about how I came to understand what this product was. .. At the time I was worked for makeup company that produced natural products. At one if the conferences I attended, they had a demonstration set up. On the table were 2 bowls. One filled with water, the other filled with mineral/ baby oil. (mineral oil is also a by-product of gasoline).

The presenter dropped a saltine cracker into each bowl. In the bowl with water, the cracker completely broke apart. However, the bowl with the mineral oil, the cracker stayed firm, with a slimy coating on it. The cracker represents your skin. This was a wonderful visual on how it’s so important to use natural products on your body.

Sodium Chloride: This is the chemical name for salt. Although not a horrible ingredient;and used as a natural disinfectant. If adding salt into a product I would make sure that it is true Sea or Himalayan salt.

Water: This is the most natural ingredient on this list, and it comes in last place.

So, seeing all of the true definitions of these ingredients would you like to be placing this on your body? I know I wouldn’t. However, despair, take the backseat, I have good news for you!

Did you know that you can make your own Diy lotion? Yes, it’s not hard at all, and the benefits are abundant. Plus it smells delightful.

There are 101 ways to make Diy lotion, nothing is wrong when it comes to your preferences.  It’s all about having fun, and coming up with your own blend.

homemade lotion with coconut oil
homemade lotion without beeswax
homemade shea butter lotion recipe
homemade lotion with coconut oil and vitamin e
homemade lotion with coconut oil and baby lotion
coconut oil beeswax lotion recipe
coconut oil lotion recipe for eczema

These are just a few of the many DIY lotion ideas available to make your own natural lotion.

May I introduce to you the key components of this DIY lotion:Diy lotion

  • Shea Butter
  • Almond Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Juniper Essential Oil
  • Bergamot Essential Oil
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Now, before I jump right in, lets talk about the benefits of these ingredients.

Shea Butter: Derived from the nut of the shea tree. Shea butter is a natural product, it is full of vitamin A and helps with things like blemishes, wrinkles, stretch marks, and dermatitis. It has extreme moisturizing compounds, and provides natural smoothness.

Almond Oil: Like shea butter, Almond oil is also derived from a nut/ seed. Almond oil is know for its ant oxidative properties. In other words, Almond oil protects the skin from UV rays, and helps with the healing UV damage. It has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-itch, antifungal, and antispasmodic properties.

Coconut Oil: another nut derived ingredient, coconut oil has amazing benefits for overall healthcare, and personal care. Because we are talking about personal care I will stick to that on this blog. However, click here to see the down low all about coconut oil. Coconut oil also has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. It is extremely moisturizing and great for healing the skin.

Vitamin E: Although, with all of the nut butters, extra vitamin E is not necessary, I did add it to this particular lotion. Vitamin E helps repair damaged skin that would be cased by things like UV rays, smoke and even protects skin from cancer. It has healing properties that help heal scars, and helps the overall appearance of the skin.

Now lets talk about my favorite part essential oils!!!

Here is a list of the essential oils and their uses, that I used in the diy lotion.

Essential oils Juniper Essential Oil: Juniper is a woody sent  with a slight fruity note, It is a natural remedies for skin irritations. Just a few such as Acne, Stretch Marks and hormone imbalances are no match for juniper oil. It can also be used as an aid for acid reflex, insect repellent, it helps with reducing pain and inflammation with arthritis, injures and muscle aches. It can also act as a sleep aid. Juniper’s  antioxidant, and antibacterial properties help fight off free radical damage. And last but not least, juniper oil has such a high amount of antimicrobial properties. It has been shown to kill strains of MRSA, Staph, VRE, yeast fungicides including candida virus.

Essential oils Bergamot Essential Oil: Bergamot is in the citrus family, with a mild sweet smell. Once again, it has a high antibacterial, ant-infectious, and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps with reliving joint and muscle pain, it aids the digestive system, abd cleans oily skin, and it relieves stress including acting as an antidepressant. Bergamot also assists in healing the skin, it has been know to heal scars from acne, and skin irritations, and it can even be used as a deodorant and protects from tetanus. Bergamot also fights infections caused by bacteria, it can reduce body temperature which can reduce fevers.

Essential oils Sweet Orange Essential Oil: Orange is also apart of the citrus family. Like Bergamot, orange also aids in inflammation. This could be muscle related or stress related. Orange can be used as a de-stressor.  It also acts like a antiseptic on the skin. It assists in releasing toxins in the body. It boosts the body’s immunity level, and  it has been shown to aid in improving cognitive functions with Alzheimer’s.

Now that you know the benefits of each one of these oils.. Here is how you make your new homemade body lotion for glowing skin.

  • Add ½ cup of shea butter, 1/3 cup of almond oil. 1-2 tbsp of coconut oil, to a mixing bowl.
  • Use a double boiler method to melt all of the oils together.
  • Make sure to constantly mix when melting.
  • As soon as all of oils have melted remove from heat.
  • Add in ½ tsp of vitamin E.
  • Place in the freezer for approx 30 mins.
  • You want the oil to be hard and firm but not completely frozen.  Now, add in your essential oils. To this mix I added 7 drops of Juniper Oil, 3 drops of Bergamot, and 2 drops of Orange.  You will have to play around with the combo you like.
  • Now, start mixing. If you have a Kitchen Aid, start out low and gradually increase the speed.  This should be mixed for approx: 20 mins. You can also do this with a hand mixer.What you will be left with is a light, whipped DIY lotion, that is healing, smooth, and natural. Store in an airtight container preferably glass. As it sits it will harden a little. This DIY lotion will go on as a light whipped cream, and is it reacts to your body heat it will met. A little goes a long way.

    When it comes to the essential oils, it is highly important that you use a high quality oil. That is why my go to company is Plant Therapy.

    I really like this company, they have wonderful, high quality, pure essential oils. These essential oils are ones that all can afford. Below is a clickable link to Plant Therapy’s website. I encourage you to go browse, and pick yourself up the ingredients to make this luxurious body lotion

    Plant Therapy Essential Oils

    Stay Healthy Friends



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