Laundry Soap,The Easiest DYI Found Using Essential Oils

Did you know that the average

laundry soap

holds dozens of chemical additives that are harming you and your loved ones without you’re knowing. That is why it is so important to identify these nasty harmful products and replace them with

DIY products like this laundry soap detergent.

Now, Before we get to the  all natural Laundry Soap made with

Essential Oils

.I wanted to share with you a story..

A few months ago I read a very heartbreaking story that really opened my eyes to the dangers of chemicals, and how negatively they are effecting our body.This poor mother gave birth to a stillborn baby. The mother had 3 other healthy children. She was also a pediatric nurse.After the tragic event occurred she began reading everything she could regarding why stillbirths occur. She then discovered that the U.S allows for 80,000+ chemicals to be placed into everyday products; of which only 200 of them were tested for human safety. It was also discovered that the mother passes these chemicals to their unborn children in the womb, and also in breast milk.

Furthermore, research showed that cord blood and the fluid which keeps the baby safe while in the womb, also have traces highly toxic chemicals.

At least 300 of these chemicals were derived from toxic chemicals used in food, and cosmetic products. With the knowledge this mother gained she turned this heartbreaking story into educating people on the importance of using natural products. She then created her own line of laundry soap.

After reading this story my heart broke for this family. I then started thinking about how many times this same situation has happened. I bet it’s a lot more that we all think. Just as this mother had the desire on her heart to educate, I do as well.

This topic of chemicals is so highly important. More so then most people think and education of half the battle. Therefore, that is why I am doing what I’m doing. I want to share how to live a chemical free lifestyle for your overall health, and wellbeing.

Before we can replace these nasty chemicals we need to see why they are so nasty.Lets look at these laundry detergent ingredients
Water, Alcoholethoxy sulfate, Linear alklbenxene sulfonate, Propylene glycol, Citric acid, Sodium hydroxide, Borax, Ethanolamine, Ethanol, Alcohol sulfate, Polyethyleneimine ethoxylate, Sodium datty acids, Diquatermium ethoxysulfate, Protease, Diethylene glycol, Laureth 9, Alkyldimethylamine oxide,Fragrance, Amylase, Disodium diaminostilbene dislocate, DTPA, Sodium formate, Calcium formate, Plyethylene glycol 4000, Mannanase, Liquitint Blue, Dimeticone.

Most all of these ingredients I cant even begin to tell you how to pronounce.

Now, If I were to break down everyone of these ingredients, we would be here for quite a long time. Don’t get me wrong I will, If you would like me to go more into depth just leave me a comment. But, for now I will keep this short, yet boldly loud enough for you to understand how insanely horrible these chemicals really are.

soapDid you know that the Petrochemical solvent called 1,4 dioxane is found in laundry soap. This chemical is also used in things like Varnishes and paints. What is even sadder is that the “free and clear” brands actually have a higher dosage of Dioxane than the original.

It can cause vertigo, drowsiness, headaches, irritation to the eyes, throat, nose, and lungs. It provides damage to the liver and kidneys.

EPA has named this as a group B2, probable for causing cancer as a human carcinogen. Sodium Hydroxide is also listed as a carcinogen, and also found in laundry soap.

Laundry Soap

Proplyene glycol is also used in anit-freeze. Chemicals within these soaps have also been shown to activate estrogen receptors. This list can go on and on, and on with harmful chemicals that are so highly toxic to our bodies.

Laundry soap diy

One last topic before we get to that DIY. I have seen a lot of people replacing their chemical filled soaps, or detergent soap making with Borax, thinking that this was a safer, natural product. This is just not the case. Borax is concerted to be toxic. Designed to be used as a pesticide, borax can cause respiratory effect as well as rashes, and irritations. Furthermore, Borax was shown to create a hormone disruption and is very harmful to the reproductive system, and can cross the placenta and ultimately affecting fetal development.

Crazy right. If you missed it, go back up to that ingredient list… Borax is right up on the top of that list.

Laundry soap

Now, seeing all of these harmful effects on our bodies, how can you keep using these chemical filled laundry soap? Its time people throw them away!!! Get rid of these nasty products, and replace them. Replace them with natural, clean, healthy products. Such as

DIY Laundry soap using Essential Oils

This recipe will become a staple and make its way with the rest of your easy diy projects.

All you will need is:
Baking Soda
Lemon Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil


That’s it! Really, that is all you need. Lets talk about Baking Soda… This is some pretty amazing stuff. Now, I want to make sure I tell you all not all baking soda is created equally. There is a “natural” and a “synthetic”. The Natural occurring baking soda or (sodium bicarbonate) has been collected from the natural source and nothing is done to it. On the other hand synthetic still comes from the same raw materials but is then placed in a lab, and mixed with carbon dioxide to create the crystallization. This is the same process yet not naturally. When I use baking soda for cooking with or even with personal care I make sure I buy the natural kind of baking soda. However, with cleaning I am fine with the synthetic.

Essential oils

Now lets talk about the essential oils. Here is
the list of essential oils and their uses

  • Lemon Essential Oil: On the top 5 of must have essential oils, Lemon ranks one of the highest. Lemon is known for its anti-infection, detoxifying, disinfectant, and antifungal properties. It serves many areas of homecare and personal care. It can support overall skin care by increasing the luster of dull skin. It is very detoxifying and helps rejuvenates the skin. It also supports the immune system. Lemon oil has a high around of vitamins, this promotes a healthy immune system, and increases the ability to fight infections. When it comes to homecare, lemon oil outranks most all essential oils. With its high disinfectant, and antifungal properties what more would you like in a cleaner, especially when it comes to cleaning your clothes.
  • Lavender Essential Oil: Another Oil ranking in on my top 5 is lavender oil. This oil has a very pleasant smell which makes a wonderful addition to any combo. It is also super beneficial when it comes to homecare, healthcare. Such things as nervous system support, pain relief, asthma, sinus, hair care, and even making sure you are getting antioxidant support are no match for this oil. When it comes to homecare, it has an anti-microbial, antiseptic, and antifungal this also makes a great ingredient to homecare items.

Now that you see why I used this combo. Its time to make it. Ready…Its going to take you less than 5 mins to make This is the easiest laundry powder detergent DIY ever.

6-8 cups Baking soda
4 drops lemon
4 drops lavender
(add more or less depending on your liking)

Mix well until incorporated. If you can try and use a glass jar. Its always best to store your DYI products in glass. That’s it . How easy right. I use about 1/4 to 1/2 cup per load. If the linen is either super spoiled, or just needs an extra boost. I will add a drop or 2 of tea tree oil right in the washer.

For all of my Essential Oils I use Plant Therapy Essential Oils. This makes a clean, DIY laundry soap

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

When you buy, make sure to use any link on my page to Plant Therapy. I do get a % of the sale, which helps me keep blogging about things we all love. Also check out all of my DIY products

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