What Your Instant Noodles aren’t Telling You?

healthy noodles

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Growing up I ate my share of instant noodles. Nothing was better than a grilled cheese sandwich and a big bowl of noodles on a rainy afternoon. As a kid, a noodle was well, just that. Now, I know, that noodle may be the reason why your having health problems.

But, there is a way to still enjoy that bowl of flavorful,healthy noodles.

Did you know:

  • Women who eat instant noodles just 2 times a week have a 68% higher change of developing Metabolic Syndrome (Heart disease, Stroke, and Diabetes).
  • Instant Noodles have a preservative called TBHQ. This preservative is used to extend shelf life… I guess that’s why that pack of 2 year old noodles is still in your pantry. This preservative is also the culprit when it comes to GI issues. TBHQ is used to extend the life of fatty foods, making it nearly impossible to digest. Lets think about that for a second…. You have a product – you add a chemical to that product that basically tells it not to age… Then you eat that product— talk about a conflict. In fact, it takes more than 2 hours for Instant Noodles to start breaking down in the stomach.preservative


In addition to the TBHQ,

Lets look at instant noodles nutrition facts / ingredients:

Did you know that instant noodles calories= 376. That is 376  carb. filled wasted calories.

  • MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). This additive is used to create a “wanna- be” salty flavor. However, what it is really doing is creating an addiction. This unknown addiction tells your body to have more. Otherwise known as “cravings”. Cravings lead to buying more. So, when your dishing out your cash, to feed that craving, what your left with is the not so lovely side effects. Such as: migraines, asthma, rashes, arthritis, sinus issues, depression, behavioral disorders, heart irregularities, and digestive problems.
  • Maltodetrin- Maltodextrin is a highly processed starch like compound. It add shelf life to products, and creates a thickening reaction in food. It is super cheap to make, therefore makes it cheap to use. It has a glycemic index of 130, compared to white sugar of 65. Maltodextrin has also been linked to Celiac and Chrohn Disease. Click here to see my post all about Maltodextrin
  • Natural Flavors – Natural Flavors can be made up of anything. You could be eating meat, dairy, poultry, seafood, or even beaver butt. See my post all about Natural Flavors here.
  • Disodium Inosinate and Disodium Guanylate are also a flavor additives; added to create a make- believe salty, or savory flavor – just like MSG.
  • Powdered cooked chicken- that’s just nasty.

Good bye instant noodles!!!  But there are days when a big bowl of noodles just hits the spot.

So, what is one to do… make your own. Its not hard at all, and so much better for you. I like to call them Healthy Instant Noodles.


Although this isn’t an Instant soup it takes less than 10 mins to make. This soup is make with rice noodles. Unlike traditional, brown rice noodles are a healthy alternative.

Instant healthy noodles recipe:

Combine equal parts Vegetable broth and water

healthy noodles

If you are short on time, and cant make your own, I really like the Pacific Organic brand vegetable broth.

Heat over med/high heat until a slow boil.
Add in Organic Brown Rice Noodles.

Cook till noodles are tender.

That is pretty much it..

If you want to spice it up a bit – garnish with some green scallion and cilantro. Or get crazy and add your own combo.

healthy noodles

That’s it. You have a delicious bowl of

healthy Instant noodles. Made with brown rice noodles.

I have heard that there is quinoa noodles. That will my next experiment.

So the next time you go to grab that 2 year old bag, ask yourself… Do I really want to eat that. I choose not, and so should you. Instead make yourself a bowl of healthy noodles.

Stay Healthy Friends



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