Natural Cures Remedies

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Natural Cures Remedies

Natural Cures Remedies

For Healing and Better Health, Without Nasty Side Effects and Toxic Results Discover A Remedy For Every Health Problem!

If you knew “natural ingredients” and “natural remedies” would solve your health problems and do it without harmful side effects.. Why would you ever want to use harmful drugs that have many negative side-effects? You wouldn’t! Maybe up until now, you just didn’t know that you could get real healing results and your doctor never even suggested anything natural.

The answer to every health issue can be found in “natural cures remedies” and I’ll prove it with the information on this site.

Why Natural Cures and Remedies Are Better For Healing?

With natural cures herbal home remedies, you can get rid of many of your health problems, without expensive medications, or risky surgeries.

Have you ever wondered how people treated illnesses and injuries in the days before doctors and hospitals, antibiotics and sterile surgical suites? You might be surprised to find out that from the earliest of times, people developed highly effective home remedies to heal all sorts of medical problems.

Natural cures remedies

for common disease is not a new idea of twenty first century. It is an age-old practice that has been passed down from one generation to the others, through trial and error. Home remedies are based on the knowledge that most natural foods like fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, seeds and nuts, as well as other natural substances, possess many medicinal virtues.

These foods and substances have been tried and refined in many different countries.

Research has proved many of these natural cures remedies to be astonishingly effective. The living proof is that our ancestors-with the help of these cures-lived a happier, healthier, and longer life than the present generation.

Conventional medicine focuses on symptoms and uses “drugs” (man made synthetics) to “suppress,” (NOT heal) those symptoms. Natural health and alternative medicine focuses on the “causes” and gets to the “root cause,” which always improves your overall health. This is the right way of curing health problems, instead of just “masking” it.

Instead of getting by until something more serious occurs that the doctors don’t know how to handle. They will continue to “throw” their best at you until something “sticks,” but you may travel down a long and winding road before you see something that works permanently!

Have you noticed the number of “pill” commercials on TV every night, (mostly during the evening news)? Prescription drugs always have “side effects” that are sometimes as bad, if not worse, than the reason they’re being used in the first place! And yet, Americans just put up with and accept it as “part and parcel” of taking pills.

Here is a perfect example of why you need to take charge of your own health and find out about the natural cures and remedies available to you.

The following drug would only be something a person took if they wanted to commit suicide, but not for the “normal sound minded” person. This is truly saddening to even be allowed to be broadcast to our society! But it was!

Why do you think the drug companies want the vitamin and supplement industry to be regulated?

Here’s another typical example of “big pharma” pushing their drugs. They seem to be unashamed of the side effects of their drug, they admit to.

Side effects of Zoloft may include:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Insomnia
  • Sexual side effects
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Sleepiness

(For our safety, because they care so much about the public?) Their products don’t reflect that, as the reason. It’s money! Plain and simple. The natural cure ingredients of the earth (plants and herbs) are available without the kind of laboratory approval needed from the FDA. Natural cures have always been available if you know “what” to use and “how” to use them. Natural cures and natural remedies are safe and effective. The government requires vitamin and supplement retailers to include a disclaimer that does not guarantee any medical benefit. ex. (“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or stop any disease; research is ongoing.”) This has been legislated because of the “push” from drug companies to get the government to “steer” people back to their products! (With that disclaimer, it almost sounds like they’re saying, “It’s a waste of time and money to use them!)

They DO cure and they do help stop disease. (This only means that they haven’t submitted to the FDA’s rules that the pharmaceutical companies have to adhere to.) And WHY should they? They’re NOT “man-made” in a lab. They’re all natural.

Our site accepts absolutely no advertisers and does not sell any supplements. Almost every other website that has natural, alternative health treatments or therapies accepts advertising dollars or sells supplements. Therefore, you can never know if the information presented is truthful and accurate, or if the information is simply designed to get you to buy the supplements.

Our site is the place to get the information you need to know about natural cures remedies, and the answers to the questions that you have about health, nutrition, and natural remedies for health issues.

Our goal is to have this website counteract the misinformation about health that’s on other websites. Many health websites are funded all or in part, by the pharmaceutical industry. Our mission is to have this website be the ultimate source of alternative all natural health information.

What about the “disclaimer” that pharmaceutical makers are required to label with?… The “May cause” part..

“May cause, nervousness, bleeding, headaches, heart attack, high blood pressure, liver damage” etc. LIVER DAMAGE?! WE NEED THAT ORGAN! Does it make any sense to you, that we should have to risk “serious” side effects in order to get healing from a physical, mental or emotional problem?… Talk about a “double edged” sword.

Well, I don’t believe so and neither should you! This site is dedicated to the “many gifts already available” for disease and health problems and how to correct them WITHOUT any harmful drugs or side effects. I like the “better way”… Does that appeal to you? It sure does to me!

All the best health to you,my personal signature handwritten image

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