How To Make Homemade, Heathly Granola

sugar free, homemade, healthy granola

If you have been on the search for a Healthy Granola, that is sugar free, and wholesomely Homemade….  I have your answer

Healthy granola   My family eats a lot of granola. However, I have never able to fine a tasty, homemade, healthy granola . So, I started buying a store bought version. It was alright. However, the price was out of is world. one 16 oz box this granola was costing 3.99 and didn’t even feed all 5 of us at one sitting. I will admit it was a healthy granola, but buying 3 to 4 boxes a week was just not doable.

I then started looking at other so called healthy granola brand companies. These brands claim to be healthiest, cleanest granola brands at 1/2 the coast. To my discovery I was quite disappointed in what I had found. These brands claiming to be healthy, were just the opposite. They were loaded with Preservatives, “Cane Sugar, Natural Flavor… Yuck!! this is not something I want to be feeding my family.

So whats a girl to do? Experiment and make her own.. Well, actually how it happened was due to pure frustration, and aggravation. I can remember going down the cereal isle at my local grocery store, picking up every box that “looked” good from the cover; reading the ingredient label, and politely placing it back on the shelf; all while trying not to make a disgusted face. I watched all of the people coming down the isles picking up there “go to” brands, or the parents who let their children eat pure sugar for breakfast. These are the things that make me what to shout from the rooftop – Don’t do it, there is a better choice. As I watched this my determination grew stronger. I thought to my self what is the best granola to buy?

Healty granolaFinally it happened, I picked up a box of Uncle Sam… yes, I said it, Uncle Sam Cereal- it was like the heavens opened up and light was beaming down on the box as it read it. No artificial flavors, GMO based products, Cane sugar, or preservatives. In addition, to this wonderful, clean list, at only $2.00 a box, this is something I could handle.

The 4 simple Ingredients listed:
Whole wheat kernels
Whole flax-seed
Barley malt

I knew that bring home a boxes of Uncle Sam, as if I had now invested in the company wasn’t going to fly solo.

So, I thought to myself what can I add to this mix to make sure a tasty sugar free, healthy granola? My answer Oats! I picked up a box of organic oat and headed home.

sugar free

Once home I got right to work… Now I will show you how to make homemade granola, you will not believe how easy it is to make. I mixed the box of Uncle Same with a box of oats, and gave it a good mix. I then sprinkled some cinnamon on top and mixed that in too. Now, how to cook this. I could have turned on my oven.. However, with outside temperature reaching 100, turning on the oven is not something favorable. The solution? Toaster oven. Now you could also use the oven for this recipe.. I would preheat the oven to 350.

Using the toaster oven, I set to the toast feature, and turned on the feature to keep the toaster oven on until completed. What I then did was scooped out some of the granola mix on to small toaster oven cookie sheet. Drizzled on some honey… the honey should well coat the mix.- Do not mix, let the honey stay on top.sugar free

I then placed into the oven cooked for approx. 3 mins, removed from the oven, carefully mixed up to uncover some of the un-toasted flakes. Placed back into the toaster oven for only 1-2 mins.. you will smell the honey and the oats toasting up… its pure deliciousness. I repeated these steps until I had toasted up all of the granola. See didn’t I say, this is the easy homemade granola recipe ever!!

Once all the oat mix has been toasted, what you are left is a wholesome, sugar free, homemade Healthy granola.

Note: the more honey you use, the more sticky the granola will get.

sugar free healthy granola

Store in an airtight container. This recipe far beets the typical “healthiest granola brand” new weekly to do around my house. With just a box of Uncle Sam, a Box of organic oats, and some raw honey, this recipe makes just about 11 cups of granola. I spend $2.00 on the Uncle Sam, and $2.00 for the oats. That is a total score for this girl!! You could also add additional things to this mix, dried fruit, coconut flakes, nuts… the possibilities are endless. Here is how to make granola with oats.

quick and easy granola recipe:

  •  1 box of uncle Sam
  • 1 box of your favorite organic oats
  • A dash of cinnamon
  • Raw Honey
  • Mix the two boxes together, sprinkle a dash of cinnamon and well incorporate. If using a toaster over, set the toaster to toast, and the continuous on setting, An oven should be set to 350
  • Spoon the mix on to a sheet that is toaster oven approved, drizzle raw honey on top to coat
    Cook for 3-4 mins.
  • Remove from oven and carefully mix, place back into the toaster for another 1-2 mins until you start to smell the oats toasting.
  • Repeat steps until completed cooking on the oats
  • Place in an airtight container
    Note: you can also add in additional items to this mix such as dried fruit, coconut flakes, or nuts. This recipe will make approximately 11 cups of granola.

sugar free, homemade, healthy granola

I hope you try this homemade, healthy granola.

This is one of the best sugar free foods you can make!!!

Stay Healthy friends




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