Clean Hands, Natural DIY Germ Be Gone Hand Wipes

Diy Hand wipes

Clean hands

are essential to every day living and cleanliness.

Clean handsBy routinely cleaning your hands you can help prevent sickness.

Hand sanitizers and hand wipes

are full of chemicals and additives that leave your hands with much more than germs. You can be ingesting chemicals and not even know it. I used to use hand wipes wet ones until i read the ingredients.

Let me show you how to make your own
natural DIY

hand wipes

Hand wipes

These hand wipes will leave your hands not only smelling great, but also leave them killing off all the nasty germs.


These also make great  baby wipes for adults


But first, lets break down why I am cutting out commercialized hand wipes and hand sanitizers.

Lets start with a story

When I was just a young kid- in the 3rd grade, I was required to participate in the science fair. Just like any other 3rd grader I was only thinking out the present day.

I would have ever imagined that project would still be impacting me today.

My topic was: Do antibacterial soaps really work?

I started off by washing my hands with a certain kind of soap, then rubbing my hands all over a pealed potato.

I then placed the potato into a sealed glass jar. I did this over and over with many kinds of soaps and even a hand sanitizer.

So why am I taking you all down memory lane?

Well, that project exposed some truth… antibacterial soaps don’t work as well as they all claim to.

My results showed that a general non antibacterial soap out did both the antibacterial, and the hand sanitizer.

I have seen it with my own eyes.

Chemical wipesThese products are however, leaving you with much more than you started with…Chemicals

A very popular antibacterial hand wipe contains things like Alcohol Denst, Peg-8 Dimrthicone, Quaternium-52, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Capryloampho-Propionate, citric Acid, Disodium Edta, Peg- 60, Lanolin, Aloe Barbadensis Leave Juice, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, and Fragrance.

With the first ingredient being alcohol, and the very next one an artificial “ conditioning agent”. This list isn’t looking too promising.

Some of the other ingredients also contain preservatives, GMO oils, artificial fragrance, and additives. These chemicals can become irritants to the skin, and even the repertory system.

This is not something I want to be putting on to my family’s body.

Remember the skin is your biggest organ. Anything you place onto your skin enters right into your bloodstream.

Further more, this wipe has been used as a “pre-wipe” before eating.

Can you say chemicals for dinner.

As much as my kiddos would love it, avoiding hand wipes is just not going to happen. If you ask anyone I know, I am one that goes nuts when something is dirty. So having unwashed , or un-kept clean hands is just not going to happen.

I had to find something that did the job without adding chemicals onto or into my family’s bodies.

Let me introduce you to my new friend……

DIY Natural Hand Wipes.

These hand wipes contain no artificial or un-natural products. A great addition for every person and every life style

With a clean bill of sale these wipes contain no chemicals, or artifical anything


  • Castile Soap
  • Water
  • Coconut Oil
  • Essential Oils

All of these ingredients have A SPEICAL place in this DIY.


Coconut has antibacterial properties, and is super moisturizing.


But the star in this recipe is the essential oil.

The essential Oil is called Germ Destroyer.

Hand wipes

This product is amazing.

This is actually a synergy. Meaning this is a blend of different oils mixed together to create a combo.

In this synergy there is Spruce, Marjoram, Lavender, Rosalina, and Lemon.
With all of the properties in these oils, this makes for an outstanding blend.

Did you know that Rosalina has also been called the Lavender of the tea tree oil. With the same benefits and properties as tea tree oil, Rosalina makes for a great oil for kids.

I buy all of my essential Oils from Plant Therapy.

They are the First company to come out with a kid safe product line. I feel safe with this company and using around my kids.

Check Them Out

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Here is what you will need to make this hand wipe

2 Cups of Distilled Water
1 Tablespoons of castile soap
1 Tablespoon Organic, unrefined Coconut oil
10 Drops of Germ Destroyer
1 Roll of Paper towels


  • Cut the paper towel in half
  • Place 1 half in a container with a lid
  • Heat water to a low boil
  • Add water, castile soap, coconut oil, and Germ Destroyer
  • Mix till well incorporated.
  • Pour Mix over top of the paper towels. Be sure to evenly pour in a circular motion.
  • Place top on the container and flip upside down.
  • Let sit for 5-10 mins
  • Remove the cardboard insert
  • Used as needed

I like to keep these every where bathroom, kitchen, the car, and even in my purse.


  • You can make hand wipes individual packets on the go, by placing in a ziplock bag.
  • Make sure to use distilled water
  • Adding a drop or 2 of vitamin E will act as a natural preservative to help stay longer.
  • Make wipes for a max of a week at a time, do not want to make too far ahead.

I really like this DIY, this is something that can, should, and will be used on a daily basis.

Give it a try and let me know what you think

Stay Healthy Friends