Heartburn Home Remedies

Heartburn can be cured by home remedies. In order to cure heartburn, try these home remedies and learn how to treat it and how to reduce your chances of getting heartburn. Heartburn is a common disease which is known by many names. Indigestion, bloating…

Strep Throat, The Best Natural Cure I Have Found

natural cures, and home remedies

Today’s blog is all about the everyday livin, strep throat and the challenges that o strep throat. When I started looking for some DIY/ natural cures and home remedies…I was left with some slim pickins. Especially when it came to natural cures for kids….

Is Coconut Oil Healthy, How Do I Know I’m Using The Right Kind?

Over the last week, I have been asked about “Coconut Oil” by a handful of people. Some unknowing what coconut is, and others thinking all coconut oils are created equally. Have no fear, I am here to help you

No time for exercise!

I have never been into exercising its work its hard its sweaty Its just not for me and frankly I just don’t like to I recent had a conversation with a friend… a .. single individual, with no kids, and a total gym buff….


I love to see people making healthy  choices when it comes to buying food. However, over the last few months, why is it that everything now has the word “organic” on it? Are all of these companies now proving us with “Healthy” doughnuts, cookies,…