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My Natural Cures and Remedies Cancer Story


Here’s my own personal story…

Most Americans are not aware of a very powerful threat. It’s not terrorism, oil shortages, the economy or some other political issue. It’s much more subtle and my cancer story was a surprise to me.

The most staggering fact is that every second, America has at least one chronic illness, while 60 million people suffer from multiple chronic conditions.

Government and large pharmaceutical companies

Our government protects and supports only the large pharmaceutical companies and mega “drug cartels.” The power and lobbying on behalf of these groups is evident by the actions of these agencies and they only care about money!

It’s not just drug companies, but even the food we eat is full of toxic materials and permitted to be sold by the government. The facts and real dangers of these foods are “veiled.”

Millions of dollars are spent to conceal and keep the public “uninformed” about the additives, chemicals, and processing techniques that pose the enormous threat to our health. A good example is the sugar industry.

America’s Health

Despite advances in modern medicine our health is worse today than ever before in our history! There’s no doubt that sickness affects us directly, causing untold suffering and hardship. Do you know how the situation got so bad and how learning about holistic nutrition can help you do something about it. I had to learn through my own cancer experience and now I can speak from a platform I know too well.


Many don’t live through the excrutiating treatment of modern medicine to have an opportunity to avoid the pain and suffering they submitted to.

In the year 2000, the U.S. population was 276 million. Nearly half of the population – 125 million Americans – lived with some type of chronic condition. About 60 million lived with multiple chronic conditions.

(Examples of chronic conditions are diabetes, cancer, glaucoma and heart disease.) The number of people with chronic conditions is growing at an alarming rate.

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Why Are We So Sick?

I’ll be completely honest here, so there are no misunderstandings: We get sick because…

  1. We have little understanding of what is making us sick
  2. Our lack of health is “economically profitable” for a lot of big companies and shareholders.

    This includes:

    The food industry with all the ‘designer’ junk foods and beverages that hold no nutritional value and actually make us fat and sick.

    All the polluting industries that fill our lives and bodies with harmful chemicals and toxins.

    The ‘sick care’ industry that figured out long ago that there’s a lot more money to be made in treating symptoms with drugs and surgeries, in expensive hospitals, than in patient education, prevention and natural medicine.

There’s a lot of money to be made in making and keeping us sick. As professor Paul Zane Pilzer explains in his best-selling book, The Wellness Revolution: “Incredibly powerful economic forces are preventing people from taking control of their health and actually encouraging them to gain weight – forces so powerful that nothing short of a revolution will be able to stop them.”

Since birth we’ve been bombarded with millions of ads that turn us into happily paying consumers of the very things that make us sick. Now the only way for us to become and stay healthy for life is to train ourselves to see through all the commercial deception and brainwashing, and learn how to be healthy.

We cannot expect a solution from those who don’t have our best interest at heart. We have to take matters into our own hands. And when we learn how to take care of ourselves and our loved ones with holistic nutrition, we learn something equally important at the same time: How to help the other half of the population that is constantly and chronically ill.

My Story Started Like This…

I went to the dermatologist and she cut a piece of skin from my leg and a mole off my back. (Looked suspicious) She sent it to the lab for analysis and said she’d call me back. I was home working the day the phone rang with the news that sent me into a “horrible place” I’d never been before. “You have melanoma cancer ! I’ll give you the name of a surgeon and he’ll take it from there.”

I sat in his office with all the other people waiting to see when they would be cut open. We talked, he looked at the cancer mole and scheduled a date quickly. I left the hospital with a “ten inch long scar” on the right side of my back, just off my backbone. Still bleeding when I woke up, enough to know someone was talking to me, they ushered me out of the hospital, still dripping blood from my back. (Hey, they have to make room for other people waiting to get in there too!)

After several weeks of not being able to lay on my back, (VERY UNCOMFORTABLE) being careful how I moved so as not to irritate the stitches and staples in my back, I returned to the doctor as required. The doctor told me that based on what he found, he would have to remove all my lymph nodes from under my right arm and of course, I would no longer have normal use of my arm…

When my wife heard him say this, she just broke down and cried, as if I had just died in front of her! She had already been through the initial shock, surgery and what we thought would be some possible “chem o” treatments and now this!

We were devastated and I felt so bad for my wife. This doctor just seemed to be so heartless, but worse than that, his answer to my problem was, we’ll just “cut some more parts from your body.” I don’t hold any animosity toward him… they only know what they are taught in medical school and they don’t teach what I learned.

Some good news now… I happen to have a sister who has spent about 30 years in the medical profession. She had breast cancer, two young children and a husband, BUT she would not subject herself to the hopeless treatment offered. She went to Canada for an “alternative” natural cure for her disease. That was over 10 years ago!

I never thought to ask my own sister for help before I had a pound of my flesh removed “unnecessarily!” (Yes, I later found a product that removes cancerous moles… NATURALLY). I think about it every time I see the scar on my back.

Anyway, she asked me to send copies of the doctors report, which I did. She told me, “Do NOT let him take your lymph nodes out or do anything else.”

Her research during her great battle and later for me, has lead to my continued interest and amazement in the incredible Cures and Remedies that we have available to us. There is a “Natural Cure” and Remedy for every health issue!

Oh, by the way, I’m not “suppose” to be alive according to the strong “threats” warnings from the doctors, if I didn’t “comply” with their prescribed treatments. I don’t dislike doctors, BUT, they only know what they’re willing to learn, just like you! I never went back to the surgeon or any other doctor for cancer treatment. I chose the alternative… LIFE!

If you have cancer (any type), I highly recommend Eat to Beat Disease: The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself 

My goal is to provide you with everything you need to be whole, well and thanking God you’re alive! It’s hard to be glad you’re alive if you’re sick all the time! And you shouldn’t be sick, if you live using wisdom and knowledge!Here are some other articles you might like:

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God’s Best!


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