This week I stocked up on our monthly favorites, and added a few new goodies.

>Organic Spring Mix and Baby Spinach 4.49 each

Organic Ginger 5.99

String cheese 9.99

BabyBel 10.49

Organic Greek Yogurt 8.99 for (9) individual packs. New is a new one. If you have been following my blog, you will know that I am currently reviewing a lot of dairy items. With all my research, I am trying to opt in for only organic non GMO dairy items. So, I am glad to see that BJ’S is carrying a Organic Greek Yogurt. It comes in individual packs, which is nice. I would also like to see them carry in the 40oz like the conventional Greek Yogurt.

Frozen Blueberries 10.40 (4) lbs.  We use these for everything. I will take out some and put in the fridge the night before and use for cereal in the morning, put them in smoothies, or just eat the right out of the bag:). they are delicious.

Organic Frozen Strawberries. 12.99 this week there was an instant $2.00 off. We make a lot of smoothies around here and these organic strawberries make it super convenient.

Organic Coffee 11.99.  So I have to tell you all a little story. Have you ever woken up, went to make the coffee and realize you were out! Horrible, I know!  This happened to us this past week. So my loving hubby ran to the closest store, grabbed a bag of that “cheap-o” stuff.. Forgive him, he was still asleep. came home, and made that needed cup of Joe. Only, it tasted horrible!!!!! I didn’t realize how much organic coffee truthfully makes a difference. Lesson learned for this gal. Always, be sure and grab (2) bags of coffee

Fresh Pineapple 2.99 BJ’s has a great deal on these pineapples. Normally,  we buy 2 .we cut up and freeze 1, and cut the other for lunches. No need to waste the cure, juice it!

Organic Gala Apples 9.95. My family eats their fair share of apples. I have an apple every morning for my breakfast, the kids for lunch, and they make a great healthy snack when you want something to munch on

Organic Coconut Oil – 14.99. Have you ever seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”?  You know how Windex is the all saving. Coconut oil is just that around here. I use it for everything. Cooking, Personal care, Healthcare. Even my kids when they get a cut say, Mommy can you put coconut oil on my cut. I will have to do a blog just on the great benefits of coconut oil.

Organic Whole Carrots 3.69. I always like to keep cut up carrots in the fridge. They make wonderful fast, easy, go to options. Carrots and peanut butter, carrots and hummus, or just carrots. When things are fast and convenient you are more likely to eat. This leads to better eating habits, and less junk food.

Well that is it for this week. See you next week

Stay Healthy Friends




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