Best Organic Supplements for Hair Growth

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Growing hair can be a little bit challenging if you don’t know the exact way to do it or which supplements can help you regrow lost hair. However, some supplements can actually make the issue much worse or lead to another health challenge because they are made with some chemicals that may not be scalp-friendly.

Using organic supplements will go a long way for keeping your body healthy while still helping keep your head filled with hair. Before we go into what organic supplements to use, we are going to take a look at why you lose hair in the first place. So let’s get right into it to get you the answers you are looking for.

Why Do You Lose Hair?

Hair growth naturally passes through three hormonal phases that are collectively known as the hair growth cycle. These phases are anagen, catagen, and telogen. The anagen phase is the phase of continuous growth, and this hair can last for up to seven years.

The catagen phase is when the hair follicles begin to detach themselves from the blood supply, and the last phase, known as the telogen phase, is when new hairs begin to grow again from the follicles.

To grow hair, you need supplements that can alter these phases/stages to keep your hair continually growing or to reduce the effects of the catagen phase.

Another reason you lose hair can be due to hormonal imbalance, stress, heredity issues, and several health conditions. There is only so much that hair growth supplements can do about some of these; however, they can help.

Best Organic Supplements for Hair Growth

Below are some of the best organic supplements that can help you grow hair in no time.

1. Vitamin C Focus

Everyone who has used vitamin C or has checked some of the benefits of using this vitamin knows that it is great for healing. The hair grows from the skin, and because vitamin C helps you strengthen your immune system, it is a trusted way to keep your hair soft, strong, and continually growing. Vitamin C has several other health benefits, including keeping your nails strong.

2. Organic Collagen Focus

Protein is another wonderful source of hair wellness, and this organic supplement has this in abundance. It is made out of healthy pasture-raised beef. This supplement will leave your hair looking and feeling thick, long, and healthy. It has other amazing benefits for your body that you may need to check out.

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3. Vitamin D Supplements

If you are looking for the best supplements for hair growth, you should probably be on the lookout for supplements that are rich in vitamin D. This is because a lack of vitamin D in the body has been linked with alopecia, which is also known as male pattern baldness.

4. Vitamin E Supplements


Vitamin E is an antioxidant just like vitamin C, and it puts free radicals in check to keep oxidative stress away. Earlier in this article, it was mentioned that stress is capable of making you lose hair. Now, you know what to do to keep it far away from you.

Vitamin E supplements also help you maintain the strength of your scalp, making it difficult for dandruff to cause your hair to break. Look out for supplements that are rich in vitamin E, and you will experience hair growth like never before.

Should You Start Early With the Supplements?

You have to note that supplements don’t work miracles. They will help you heal and grow hair. However, you need to have been using them long enough for the results to be obvious. If you are planning to go to an event, you don’t want to start taking supplements just a few days or weeks before the event.

Study the hair growth cycle and what phase you are currently in to know when you should start or if you should start at all. Starting your hair growth treatment towards the ending part of the anagen phase means that you can extend it or reduce the effects of the catagen phase.

Can Inherited Alopecia Be Cured?

To make this article completely accurate and honest, it should be noted that there is no known supplement that can grow hair for people with inherited baldness. However, there are other solutions, such as hair implanting, micro pigmentation, micro-blading, and several others.

If you are battling hair loss, the first and most important thing you have to do is look through your family, especially your parents, and see if they had the same issue before you decide to use any supplement. Hair growth can be different for different people, so ensure that you check with your physician.

Final Thoughts

Hair growth with organic supplements has many benefits for your hair, as well as the rest of your body. However, some supplements may have side effects that may be harsh on your system, so ensure that you know your body and what your supplement is made of to maintain your health and well-being.

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