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Organic tea


 Traditional Medicinals Thank you Traditional Medicinals for participating in this review, and providing your teas for me to sample.

I was never a tea drinker until the last year. It wasn’t that I didn’t like tea, I just didn’t drink it. So you ask how did I start drinking tea, and why do I drink tea?

Well, about a year ago, I started something new. Being stuck in a cubicle for a good part of my day can get extremely .. How should I say.. Grueling.

So, in efforts to resolve this, I started going for a morning walk. I would take the stairs down 4 floors, to the local coffee shop in house. I would stop by and ask for a hot water, go back up my 4 floors.. But this time I took the stairs, hot water and stairs really don’t mix. Once I got back up, I would make a nice cup of tea. 1 day turned into 2 days, and then turned into a year. It had become a normal routine for me. Once I really started watching what I was placing into my body, I started looking at the tea I was drinking.. Non-organic , Plain O’ Jane tea.

I did know that tea was good for you but I never really knew why and why I should drink it. organic tea benefits include everything from over all support of healthy living, to promoting, and supporting and even relief common conditions. Plus it tastes wonderful!

There are tons of different names of different teas, but do you know the difference between Green and Black Tea?

tea Well, actually Green and Black Tea both come from the same plant. What it comes down to is the way the leaves are processed. Green tea leaves are harvested, withered, and steamed before they oxidize. Therefore, the leave retains its color, and light taste. Black Tea Leaves are harvested, withered, tore, and broken up, and left or oxidation. This is the reason why Black tea is well… Black. Also, this is how the tea obtains its dark, and strong flavor.


After some deep research on teas, I learned about the importance of using a high quality, clean, organic tea. Did you know that most all non-organic teas are filled with toxic chemicals? Farmers spray the leaves then harvest.

Commercialized tea companies also use natural and artificial flavoring to “enhance” the tea. Natural and artificial flavoring are pretty much the same thing. See my post on natural flavors here

I then came across the brand “Traditional Medicinals”.

you may be asking traditional medicinals where to buy? Well, their products are available at most all major retail stores.

Here are a few things that I was quite impressed with on their FAQ page on their website.

Do you test your teas for chemicals and heavy metals?
We are proud to say that we go to great lengths to ensure that the herbs in our teas are clean, pure, and of a high quality. All of our teas and their herbal ingredients must meet very high standards.
Each herb undergoes rigorous testing before it is allowed to enter into one of our tea bags.
These include tests to ensure the proper identity and quality of the ingredient along with tests
for heavy metals and microbial contaminants. The teas are tested again after manufacturing to ensure that each product meets our stringent specifications for identity, purity, strength and composition. We work closely with our producers (the people who grow or sustainably collect herbs for us) and others handling our herbs to ensure that the herbs are carefully produced and handled in clean environments from before they are harvested until they are packed into our tea bags.

Do any of your products contain genetically engineered components?
We are proud to stand against the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and we do not use ingredients that were produced using biotechnology in our products or at any stage of production, processing or handling. We also believe that products containing GMOs should be clearly labeled. We are opposed to the practice of genetic engineering, which involves the insertion of genes from any source (including bacteria, other plants or even animals) into the DNA of cultivated plants. Genetically engineered crops, altered to be insect resistant, may throw off the balance of nature and cause harm to beneficial insects such as ladybugs, butterflies and other pollinators. We believe that the potential long-term risks to the environment and to human health far outweigh any perceived benefits that could come as a result of manipulating nature in this way. We also see the spread of genetically engineered crops as a serious threat to certified organic and/or biodynamic agriculture, due to the inability to control cross-pollination. Many pollinators travel long distances that may put them in direct contact with both certified organic acreage and genetically engineered acreage.

Do any of your products contain artificial or natural flavor
No- the plants do the talking in our teas. We do not add artificial or natural flavors to our products, and we prefer to balance an herbal formula’s taste profile using other complementary herbs or their essential oils, because it is important to experience the true taste of the herbs for best results.

After reading about this company and what they stand by, I thought “ I have to try this tea!”

I was happy to hear that Traditional Medicinals accepted my challenge, and opted in to be part of this review.

traditional medicinalsOnce I received my lovely package in the mail, I got right to work.. Agh, a wonderful glass of tea.

Please note: All reviews are my own. These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The product is not intended to diagnosis, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

I was privileged enough to be able to try 3 different teas from their newest line.

organic tea

Tulsi with Ginger


Turmeric with meadowsweet and ginger


Rose Hips with Hibiscus


The first tea I tried was the Tulsi with Ginger:
This tea was a perfect blend of ginger mild spice with the gentle, earthy Tulsi leave. In my option, this makes a great afternoon pick me up tea.
The Tuslsi leave has been known to support in stress relief, and promotes a healthy liver. Ginger also assists in helping such common conditions such as pain and inflammation, PMS, and migraine relief.

I then tried the Turmeric with Meadowsweet ginger:
There are some days when I want to know that I am treating my body well. This tea is a great tea when you want know, and taste your providing my body with the support it needs. I enjoyed this tea, and its robust flavor. I could really taste the turmeric. Turmeric does the body well when it comes to promoting a healthy digestion, and supports in inflammation that exercise can produce.

And last but far from least was the Rose Hips with Hibiscus:
I was really impressed with this tea. This tea was light, and sweet. I could really taste the fruity, refreshingness. As well, as some floral undertones. To me, this would make a delightful breakfast tea, or even chilled and served over ice with brunch. A true delight. I also found this quite interesting. Here is what Traditional Medicinals states about this tea “ During World War II, British children took doses of rose hip syrup when fresh foods were scarce” Pretty interesting if you ask me.

So, In all of my research with this company. I was ever so happy with the results of this tea. All 3 teas have a special place, and I truly enjoyed all of them.

I will continue to use this Organic tea, and would be happy to try any additional ones. Traditional Medicinals gets an A+ in my book. Great Job!!

One last thing, I am on the go A LOT! I have been using my travel mug to carry my tea in and as crazy as it sounds, I think it tastes better in this mug. Maybe not, but it works really well for me being on the go. Who says a nice cup of tea cant go with yah, give it a try.








Stay Healthy Friends



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  1. I really prefer coffee but your review has caused me to ponder. I plan to make this purchase on my next shopping trip. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I must agree with the coffee. You will not see me stopping my morning cup of Joe anytime soon. However, being these teas are caffeine free, I find myself drinking throughout the day.

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