About Me – A Chemical Free, Healthy Lifestyle

A little bit about me:
My name is Rebecca, I’m a born and raised Florida girl who loves her family, and is learning to live life to the fullest without the harmful effects of chemicals.

Now being a mamma of 3, and a wife to one amazing guy. I’ve learned what healthy truly means.

I’ve gone from only buying food if it was on sale. Traded in our frozen dinners, packaged mac and cheese, nitrate filled hotdogs, and the 10 jars of free mayo, for fresh-whole food, kid approved meals. I’ve ditched the daily essential “chemical filled” cosmetic products for natural resourced products.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still all about the savvy shopper, and will even go the extra mile for a good deal. The difference now is that “good deal” is also a healthy, chemical free choice.

My passion is to share with the world on how we can live out lives to the fullest; utilizing products that promote a clean, and healthy lifestyle.

Natural Cures is a powerhouse when it comes to providing resourceful information to its audience. This site is progressively excelling in all aspects.

We are all individuals who are looking to live a chemically free lifestyle, no matter the age, we all have this in common.

No matter the topic; a new product or a healthy living tip, all are one in the same when it comes to living a chemically free life. I do reviews about companies, and products that I do, or would use for my family. In doing this I get to share my knowledge and research on how to achieve the lifestyle we are all looking for. My aspiration is that you follow me in this journey and I get to see you grow in your healthy lifestyle.