6 Best Hair Oils of 2021

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6 Best Hair Oils of 2021 – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best Hair oil

Hair oil sounds like something many people would want to avoid, but it is actually an essential part of keeping hair healthy, radiant, and hydrated. Of course, that is true if it is chosen and applied correctly.

There are many hair oils on the market, some of which will certainly enhance your locks and bring out the best in them. However, others will leave behind a greasy look and feel, so those are to be avoided.

To help you navigate through the many hair oil products that are available today, we’ve compiled a comparative list of some of the best hair oils available. Read on to find out which one we’ve chosen as the best!

Hair Oil Reviews

Wild Growth Hair Oil

This hair oil from Wild Growth comes in a 4-ounce bottle that boasts an easy-squeeze cap for simple and direct application. The product promises to help grow healthy, long, flowing, thick hair and to keep drying time to a minimum. It will also help untangle knots and soften the overall texture of any hair thickness. This is amongst the cheapest premium hair oil product available.

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Given the length of time this product requires, you may go through a few bottles before results start to show, so this product may not offer as good value for the money as initially thought.

This product produces results in the hair growth category. However, it requires particularly long-term use before any noticeable hair growth is attained. As far as we can tell, this product takes between one and two months before any real results are visible.

One thing this product excels in is detangling hair and requiring less blow-dry time, which makes brushing and combing hair a lot easier. This also gives hair a fuller, healthier look.

The easy-squeeze cap for the product to be applied lightly to the head, reducing the risk of pouring too much, which could make your hair look greasy.

The biggest drawback of this product is the scent, which is potent and piney. It is imaginable that this scent may prove to be very off-putting for some.


  • Produces hair growth
  • Untangles knots
  • Less blow-dry time
  • Makes brushing easy
  • Easy-squeeze cap


  • Takes a while to produce results
  • Requires refilling regularly
  • Potent scent


Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil

Olaplex takes a slightly different marketing route with this product by branding it as a ‘bonding oil’ that promises to give hair an attractive radiance, color, and texture. It will also act as a 450-degree heat protector against blow-drying or other heat-based hair appliances.

This product is available in a 30ml bottle, has a twistable lid, is vegan, and is suitable for all hair types.

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This product particularly excels in untangling hair, and we highly recommend it for people with frizzy hair issues. My own hair is particularly frizzy, and this product assisted in flattening out the curls and giving my hair an overall even texture.

Given this product’s ability to de-frizz, and the fact that it also acts as a heat protector, we recommend this product particularly for those who live in a hot or humid climate.

This product is much faster acting in comparison to the others we have sampled, with results beginning to manifest within three days. This product does not leave behind any oily residue, and the hair feels smooth to the touch after use. That being said, this product doesn’t necessarily work every single time and can, at times, leave hair feeling a little bit dry.

The size of this product is not too great. For the price this product is sold at on average, you’d expect a little bit more, and we find that the bottle finishes quite quickly. However, given that this product is fast-acting, the small amount is justified.


  • Untangles hair
  • Flattens frizzy hair
  • Heat protector
  • Fast-acting
  • No oil residue


  • Causes dryness
  • Small size
  • Expensive


Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil

This cold-pressed castor oil from Kate Blanc aims to create striking eyebrows and eyelashes, but it also works well to help hair and nail growth. This product provides a 100% natural solution to thin hair and promises to combat dryness, dandruff, and damaged hair.

The 2-ounce bottle comes with several utensils, including a handy droplet dispenser for easy application.

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Given that this product specializes in lashes and brows, it works particularly well as a hair oil, also. For naturally curly hairdos, this product works superbly to tame wild curls and create an overall even look. This is a good product for utilizing the hair you already have in order to create a thicker look.

For those suffering from dry hair, the application of moisture from this product is noticeable after a few uses. However, in terms of hair growth, this product failed to show any real results even after several days of use.

Perhaps because the product is designed to specialize in eyebrows and eyelashes, it lacks when it comes to adding fullness or creating growth in hair. This product also feels itchy at times after using, but only for a short while.


  • Versatile product
  • Tames wild curls
  • Creates a thicker look
  • Moisturizes


  • Doesn’t create actual hair growth
  • Works better on eyelashes and brows
  • Itchy at times

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Sky Organics Organic Castor Oil

Sky Organics delivers a 100% castor oil hair product that is aimed at fixing dry hair by moisturizing the scalp. This product is also versatile in that it can be used for eyebrows and eyelashes. This product is organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and comes in a 473ml-sized bottle.

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This product may take a while to show any real results, but as we discovered, the results are worth holding out for. After roughly three months of continued, regular use, thickness, fullness, and smoothness are guaranteed to return to dry or otherwise damaged hair.

For darker hair, this product is also very beneficial, as it doesn’t leave an oily shine like other similar products do. After using this product, hair is also notably far easier to control with a brush.

This product does not appear to assist in the hair growth process, however, and it only acts to enhance the hair that is already present. This product is also thick, which can lead to overusing it and incidentally causing greasy hair.


  • Restores thickness and fullness
  • Creates smooth hair
  • Reduces dryness
  • Great for darker hair


  • Does not help grow hair
  • Thick product
  • Easily overused


Dabur Amla Hair Oil

This unique product uses Indian gooseberry – referred to on the bottle as amla – to help restore and create thick and luscious hair. This product focuses on delivering long-lasting treatment that’ll last all day, no matter the humidity.

Available in a 500ml bottle, this product also features canola oil, butyl hydroquinone, and paraffinum liquidum, and it aims to fight against grey hairs and restore youthfulness.

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This product may not be the best oil for hair growth, but it certainly toughens it up and prepares it for all kinds of humidity, temperatures, and conditions. This product works best if left overnight and has noticeable effects after just one use.

For natural hair, this product is guaranteed to reduce knots and provide an overall smooth, easy-comb finish.
However, the ingredients of this product may not react well to all skin and/or hair types, so it would be worth having a thorough read over the list before purchasing.

Also, because of its ingredients, the oil produces an unusual smell that may put some users off. This product is mid-range in terms of price but comes in an attractive bottle.


  • Toughens up hair
  • Works after just one use
  • Works well on natural hair
  • Reduces knots
  • Smooth finish


  • Ingredients may react negatively
  • The oil produces an odd scent
  • Mid-range price


Kate Blanc Cosmetics Moroccan Argan Oil

This nutty-scented oil from Kate Blanc Cosmetics promises to hydrate both scalp and hair while leaving behind a clean shine without looking too oily. This doubles up as a skin moisturizer, which helps to alleviate pimples, acne, and otherwise dry or irritated skin.

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Moroccan Oil encourages natural hair growth and acts as a solution to brittle, damaged, or dry hair while also combating dandruff. This oil comes in a 120ml bottle and is easily dispensed.

We recommend this product for people who have often modified their hair, whether that be through dying, straightening, or curling, and are looking to return to a more natural look. This product works well over time to restore dry and heat damaged hair. Working from the scalp, this product provides a restored finish.

It’s fast-acting, so even if you continue to apply heat to your hair after using it, this oil can work to restore your hair again and again. The product is easily dispensed and can be used sparingly. This product does leave somewhat of an oily residue, however, more so in how it feels as opposed to how it looks.


  • Restores hair
  • Fixes heat-damaged hair
  • Fast-acting
  • Easily applied


  • Doesn’t create hair growth
  • Oily feeling



We hope you have found our comparative review of the six leading hair oils currently on the market useful in some way. Overall, we’d recommend the Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil for optimum hair enhancement, as this product is the best for flattening frizzy hair while providing optimum heat protection.

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