5 Best Shampoos for African American Hair

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5 Best Shampoos for African American Hair

As an African-American, it can be challenging to get a shampoo that is perfectly catered towards keeping your hair healthy and natural. Often, the shampoos that are marketed for your hair end up causing your curls to lose definition, grow too heavy, or even do the opposite of what they are supposed to do. 

However, we want to help alleviate the issue of searching for the right hair products by reviewing the 5 best shampoos for African American hair that can help you embrace your natural hair and cause it to flourish, as well as be rehydrated and protected. 

Best Shampoos for African American HairComplete Reviews with Comparison 

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5 Best Shampoos for African American Hair Reviews 

Ethnic Hair Shampoo for Thick and Curly Hair 

This 100% natural hair shampoo is specially designed for naturally thick and curly hair, and it is perfect for protecting those natural hairstyles. 

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Described as ultra-rich and creamy, this all-natural daily shampoo is a perfect moisturizer and cleaner for curly, thick hair, especially types 3A, 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B, and 4C. That being said, it works just fine for any thick and curly hair of any ethnicity. 

It’s formulated using 100% natural ingredients for a pure experience. Using therapeutic-grade avocado oil infused into the cream of other natural ingredients, you end up with a deeply nourishing shampoo that both cleanses and conditions. 

It also has a delicate pH balance to suit just about anyone of any gender and age without altering their hair’s characteristics. This shampoo also happens to be cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, and it is stored in a BPA-free, recyclable bottle. 

One complaint we would make is that the instructions mention that it should be applied liberally. Follow that particular instruction with a grain of salt, though, as this is a very rich and heavy shampoo. You might want to start with a smaller amount before deciding what is appropriate for you. Otherwise, it can quickly dry out your hair and damage it. 

Additionally, it can also cause your hair to feel quite heavy after using it, so you may have to adjust accordingly. 


  • Explicitly designed for thicker, curly hair 
  • Therapeutic-grade natural ingredients 
  • Gently balanced pH to suit as many users as possible 


  • Slightly misleading instructions 
  • Can leave hair feeling heavy 


Pantene Pro-V Gold Series for Natural and Curly Textured Hair 

From the more popular brand Pantene, this particular shampoo from the Gold Series is made to similarly embrace natural curls and enhance their prevalence on your head. 

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Designed and produced by a significant company with a specialty in this kind of product, you can expect this shampoo to work well for you. It’s made with a powerful formula that is sulfate-free and infused with argan oil to provide a gentle cleaning experience. 

It’s designed to cleanse, moisturize, and soften your hair while repairing dry and damaged strands and untangling knots. All of this is accomplished without stripping the hair of its natural oils, which is incredibly important for naturally thick and curly hair to thrive. They have also excluded harsher materials, such as parabens, to offer a gentle cleanse. 

One gripe that some picked up on is that it has a sulfate-derivative, although it doesn’t technically contain sulfates. This is technically not false advertising, but it does feel cheap on the end of Pantene. However, that doesn’t impact the use of the shampoo. Another aspect we aren’t fond of is the scent, which is almost chemical. 


  • Cleanses, moisturizes, and repairs quickly 
  • Doesn’t use any harsh ingredients to ensure a gentle cleanse 
  • Removes all tangles and knots 


  • Sneaky wording leads to some distrust in advertising 
  • Scent isn’t very pleasant 


OKAY Black Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo 

Another daily wash shampoo, this particular brand is specifically meant to restore dry, brittle hair to its more beautiful, natural state. 

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Silicone and paraben-free, this daily wash shampoo is another rich and powerful option that is designed for all natural hair textures and types, but it is specifically targeted at those who need their hair restored. 

Perfect for repairing dry, brittle, stressed, tangled, and extra frizzy hair, this shampoo has all you need for your hair protection and revival in one bottle. It will also stimulate growth and keep your hair hydrated and moisturized to ensure a good sheen across the board. 

This is quite a strong and heavy shampoo, as its primary directive is to repair and protect. If not used properly, you can end up with greasy, heavy hair, so you need to ensure that you wash correctly and don’t overuse it. Additionally, some might dislike the use of phenoxyethanol and sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate. 


  • Powerful healing and protective properties 
  • Stimulates hair growth 
  • Provides an even sheen across your hair 


  • Very heavy, can cause greasy hair if used excessively
  • Contains sulfates  


SheaMoisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Shampoo 

Given the long name, you’ve likely figured out a good deal about what this shampoo can do for you. 

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With manuka honey and mafura oil as the primary components, this shampoo targets hair that needs renewing and revitalizing by restoring damage and feeding the roots to promote renewed hair growth. 

It will renew that dull sheen you might have and wash away any buildup of previous products you might have, all while promoting your hair to grow and targeting the roots specifically to ensure your hair gets a good clean. It’s also made to be as safe as possible for as broad an audience as possible. 

Unfortunately, the shampoo also suffers from the seemingly common problem of being a heavy shampoo that can weigh down your hair and curls. There is also a reported issue of it reacting badly to sensitive scalps, causing severe itching. 


  • Targets roots to promote healthy growth at the base 
  • Revitalizes and renews hair for a new shine 
  • Washes away any stubborn buildup 


  • Heavy, weighs down curls 
  • Not for sensitive scalps 


Design Essentials Natural Almost and Avocado Shampoo 

Our final item on the list is a simple one that lathers your hair to victory. 

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Designed to help with detangling and smoothing your hair, this shampoo doesn’t have too much going for it in the way of unique features. It’s a relatively straightforward option that offers excellent moisturization, removes dirt and buildup of all kinds, locks in your natural oils, and provides a gentle cleanse. It uses purely natural ingredients and is safe for daily use. 

Because it’s a simple shampoo, there isn’t much to complain about. It lathers well, washes well, and is entirely sulfate-free. However, it is not protein-free, which some might dislike, as it uses wheat protein. 


  • Simple but effective 
  • Detangles your hair 
  • Removes tough and stubborn buildup 


  • Not protein-free – uses wheat protein 



To wrap up the 5 Best Shampoos for African American Hair review , here are some recommendations. If you are looking for a run-of-the-mill choice, the Design Essentials option is a simple and popular choice with very little holding it back. The OKAY Black Jamaican is a powerful choice for extra-thick and extra-curly hair that needs that extra strength to take care of it properly. Other Articles about Hair

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