What Your Instant Noodles aren’t Telling You?

healthy noodles

ramen noodle

Growing up I ate my share of instant noodles. Nothing was better than a grilled cheese sandwich and a big bowl of noodles on a rainy afternoon. As a kid, a noodle was well, just that. Now, I know, that noodle may be the reason why your having health problems.

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Insecticides Effects, And A Natural, Chemical Free Solution

What’s the big deal with bug spray, or insecticides? Why is it so important to use a natural bug defense, that is a clean, and chemical free.

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New BJs Haul


This is the last week for a small hall this month. Next week’s trip is going to be a massive stock up time

We stuck to our basics this week.

Click here to see pictures , from my previous hauls.

2 bins of organic salad- one spinach, and one spring mix.

1 40 oz. container of Greek yogurt (I’m sad to say we may be weeding this out soon. See my post here about milk).

1 container of tabbouleh

1 loaf of fresh bread

Now, here is something new for the week. Normally we buy a 5lb bag of Gala Apples. Bj’s was out of Gala Apples this week. So, we picked a 8lb. bag of Red Delicious Apples for 8.99.

Make sure you all check in next weekend, I highly suspect a huge hall

Stay Healthy Friends