I love to see people making healthy  choices when it comes to buying food. However, over the last few months, why is it that everything now has the word “organic” on it?

Are all of these companys now proving us with “Healthy” dougnuts, cookies, cakes, and ice cream!!! Yes its a dream come true…… NOT.

Have you ever heard someone say ” its ok, its organic”? The real question is, did you even look at the ingredients? Is it really ok? Just because it says its organic doesnt mean that the product didnt come from a GMO source, or that ingredient is still just as unhealthy as the conventional item.

I recently saw a bag of one the wrost kinds of chips with an oganic label. Does that make it ok to eat?

One of the ingredients was”Maltodextrin(made from corn)”. But it was “organic “Maltodextrin(made from corn).

So you ask what is that??  Well, to give you the short and sweet least scientific terminology;Maltodextrin  is a highly processed starch like compound. It adds shelf life, creates a thicking reaction to food, acts as a binding agent, its cheap to make, its cheap to use. Although it is not sugar its has a glycemic index of 130. (table sugar has an index of 65).

It has also been linked to Celiac Disease, and Chrohn Disease…. here is a quick glance from Dr. Axe.

Are you ready to hear what makes Organic Maltodextrin different?

Organic Maltodextrin should be derived from tapioca. But does that take away any side effect? No ..  but to make it even better remember this Malyodextrin was (made from corn) what is the biggest GMO crop?  Corn.

So you tell me, is it safe to always buy it, if it say “organic”?

Dont even get me started on natural flavors!!! But dont worry that post is soon to come

Now I must say, I buy organic…. organic Produce, grains, coffee and my simple ingredients. However, all of the food I buy has a rule – if you dont know the ingredients, or if you dont know that it is derived from… pass. And always remember if it walks like a doughnut, and talks like a doughnut, it’s still just a doughnut.

Clean eatting homemade salad

This is as simple as it can get. 

Salad for dinner is a regular accurance around here.  This salad is easy to make, and packed full with healthy choices. Not only will your audience thank you, your body will as well.


  • 50/50 spring mix
  • Spinach
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Baby bella mushrooms
  • Black natural olives
  • Fresh parsley
  • Diced raw garlic
  • Greek Feta cheese (made with goat anf sheep milk)
  • Garlic powder
  • Pepper 
  • Salt
  • Italian spices
  •  Drizzled with some olive oil and red wine vinager.

Pair this up with some fresh Italian Bread, and a nice glass of your favorate Red.

Give this recipe a try,  its a keeper   this house and im sure it will be in  as well.

Saving money on organic food at BJS 

When you think of Bjs Wholesale do you think of fresh, clean eatting?

   About 2 months ago I had a wonderful discovery. Bj’s is now carring a large variety of the national organic brands. As well as expanding their own house brand “Weslley Farms Organic” .

  Weekly trips have become a staple in our home.  Below is all of the goodies we picked up today. I will continue to update on new items I come accross. 
We eat a lot of salads in our house. Between lunches, and dinners these make a fantastic deal.

Organic 50/50 salad mix $3.69

Organic Baby Spinach  $3.69

Ginger is natural gift given to us. The benefits are out of the world! At only $5.99 for 1.75 lbs and organic at that, it it by far the BEST deal I have found. In our house, we juice at least half of this and keep it in the fridge. This makes for an easy and convenient way to add to any drink or smoothie. My favorite is ginger ale. Mix about 1-2 teaspoons of giner to a big glass of seltzer water. If you need a little sweet add a tad bit of raw honey. 

Organic ginger $ $5.99

Organic frozen strawberries. Another staple in our house. Easy and quick smoothies!!!!  At this large quantity it makes for another great deal.

Organic frozen strawberry 64 oz $12.99

Apples!! Breakfast, lunch, or even a quick snack! An apple fits into every meal. This nice 5 pounder last about a week in our house. 

Organic Gala apples $8.99

Although this greek yogurt isnt organic, its as simple and clean as it gets. Greek yogurt is FULL of probiotics. Another staple around here. Cut up an apple with some greek yogurt and  drizzle some honey on top, Yum. Or if your feeling crazy… blend up some frozen Blueberries, greek yogurt, with some honey. Throw it in the freezer and have yourself a frozen blueberrie pie!

Greek yogurt 40oz $3.99

If you have never tried this, it is delish!! Taboule salad, with a clean list, its the next best to homemade!!!

Fresh Tomatoes, Parsley, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Bulgur (Cracked Wheat), Onions, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Allspice.

Taboule Salad $ 5.49

Who can resist fresh mozzarella!! Again, not organic but super clean.

Fresh mozzarella $5.99

This will be a new product for me this week. I have been buying this brand for my kids for quite some time now. I am super excited to try. It a little on the expensive side at 19.99 each but at 24 oz each im hoping they will last. 

Today was just a few of the products we use. We normally stock up every other week. Let me know how you all like these reviews