Home Hemorrhoid Remedies

Disorders of the gastrointestinal system, and especially those involving the rectum and anus, are a usual cause of embarrassing revelations. People who have these tend to be so conscious about it that they tend to keep it to themselves. One example of which is hemorrhoids. Fortunately, home hemorrhoid remedies are all over books and the Internet, making it easier for one to do research and manage hemorrhoids all by yourself.

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in the rectum, causing pain and irritation. They may be external or internal.

One of the best home hemorrhoid remedies is the sitz bath. A sitz bath is a plastic tub that fits over the toilet and can be filled with water. Fill the tub with warm water or saline water up until about 6-8 inches, enough that the hips and buttocks are submerged. Sit on the tub for 15-20 minutes. This simple home remedy for hemorrhoids promotes relief from the discomfort the hemorrhoids cause.

Other natural home hemorrhoid remedies are actually found in the kitchen. Open the freezer and there you see ice. Wrap in plastic or cloth and sit on it. This home hemorrhoid remedy called cold compress constricts the vessels and soothes hemorrhoid pain. Just make sure you don’t sit on it too long or you might freeze your butt out. Apply directly on hemorrhoids for 15 minutes. Vinegar is also used to soothe the itching and burning discomfort that hemorrhoids bring. Soak a cotton ball in either apple cider or plain vinegar and apply on the swollen blood vessels. Vinegar is known to have an astringent effect which helps shrink these vessels. Potato is used not only for cooking but also for its natural astringent properties. Blend two washed potatoes until it is in liquid form, spread into a gauze or a clean handkerchief, fold and apply to the hemorrhoids for 5-10 minutes. Be warned about inserting potato chunks into the anal area, chances are these may not come out! Vitamin C-rich foods such as oranges and some vegetables help in strengthening and toning the blood vessels so fill your plate up with these choices. Making fruits and vegetables an integral part of your daily intake is essential to healthy body. Another home hemorrhoid remedy is the prune. Prunes have a laxative effect, making bowel movement easier and regular, thus minimizing straining which may cause formation of hemorrhoids.

Water is also one of the most effective home hemorrhoids remedies. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday to help out with digestion and make the flow smooth along the digestive track.

Aloe Vera, with its versatility, can be a home remedy for hemorrhoids. Aloe Vera has an anti-inflammatory effect that helps soothe the inflamed blood vessel. Apply the clear gel directly into the hemorrhoids.

Home hemorrhoid remedies focus on establishing a regular, healthy bowel habit, which is achieved by the pointers given above. Do not hesitate to contact your healthcare provider for more information on how to deal with hemorrhoids, especially if it becomes chronic.

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Heartburn Home Remedies


Heartburn can be cured by home remedies. In order to cure heartburn, try these home remedies and learn how to treat it and how to reduce your chances of getting heartburn. Heartburn is a common disease which is known by many names. Indigestion, bloating and dyspepsia are all other names of heartburn.


Heartburn is a vague discomfort of chest or abdominal. It is often occurred after consuming food or liquids.

Mild nausea
Upper abdominal heaviness or fullness
Feeling of burning sensation behind breastbone
Excessive belching or gas
Full feeling in abdomen
Sour or acid taste in mouth
Growling stomach
Pressure or pain behind breastbone
Pain between shoulders or in neck that follows food

The exact or definite cause behind Heartburn is not known yet. Most symptoms of heartburn is related to drinking, eating, swallowing air, stress and emotional upset. Excessive drinking, eating and smoking are the most common causes of heartburn.


Heartburn can be cured or at least minimized by following a few, standard guidelines.

1. Do not smoke before or while eating food. Smoking causes to swallow small amounts of air. Amount of air form air pockets in the digestive track with the added pressure of food, which becomes the cause of heartburn. Smoking also slow down the ability of the body to digest food. So it is dangerous to smoke before or while eating. You need to avoid this habit in order to prevent heartburn.
2. Take a time and monitor which foods cause you to suffer heartburn. If you eliminate all these foods which cause heartburn (such as beans, cucumber, cabbage, and onions), your suffering of heartburn can minimize.
3. Try to sit in upright position, while eating at a dinner table.
4. Go for a walk after eating food. Walk will help stimulate the digestive system of your body.
5. Avoid chewing gum before eating. It also causes to swallow air.
6. Do not eat more then your hunger.
7. Avoid wearing restrictive or tight clothing.
8. Concentrate on your food and chew it thoroughly and slowly.
9. Avoid distracting your attention from your plate and thinking that how food which you are eating smells, how it taste and how it looks like.
10. Avoid consuming alcohol with food. Alcohol is also cause heartburn.


Through the use of antacids, many symptoms of heartburn can be relived this is one of the effective heartburn home remedies. Meditations are the treatment for many mild cases of heartburn. Meditation helps to absorb excess stomach acids and increase the rate of digestion food. Liquid antacids most often work better then pills or tablets to neutralize stomach.

Doctors also suggest their patients to keep a daily food diary. It helps them to monitor what food triggers are present in their daily life. When they find common triggers, they can eliminate foods one by one. Chocolate, fried and fatty foods and spices are common heartburn triggers.

Alternate treatment

1. Increase the use of ginger in food.
2. Digestive enzymes
3. Increase fiber
4. Add more water
5. Try tea
6. Go herbal

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