No time for exercise!

I have never been into exercising

  • its work
  • its hard
  • its sweaty
  • Its just not for me
  • and frankly I just don’t like to

I recent had a conversation with a friend… a .. single individual, with no kids, and a total gym buff.

The conversation went a little like this:

Friend: Rebecca, you have done so well over the last year, with all the changes of you eating habits. You are truly an inspiration to all. NOW, I just need to get you exercising.

Me: yeah, OK..  as a busy working mom exercising is the last thing on my mind. I don’t have time. As soon as I get home from work, my focus is getting dinner on the table, baths, reviewing school work, getting the kids to bed. I may have 20 myself, or to talk to the hubby about his day without kids monkeys running around. When would I have time to fit that in? NO I am not waking up at 5 a.m. to go to the gym.

Friend: You are thinking of exercise as a chore. Exercise can be fun,and can fit into everyone life. Start out small with little things you do.

This conversation got me thinking

“Start out small with the things I already do on a day to day basis”…

What are things in my day to day like that could be thought of as exercise.

To my surprise I was exercising not even knowing it.

Going to the park with the kids, getting out there and kicking the ball around, shooting some hoops, dancing in the kitchen when making dinner, grocery shopping .  The opportunities are endless..just applying alternative methods to everyday life.

By George, I’ve got it!

Fighting lethargicness is half the battle. Getting up, moving, and not just vegging out on the couch, watching T.V. or at least if you are sitting on the couch try doing some leg lifts 😉

So I say all of this to challenge all of you, just like my friend challenged me. I challenge you to come to an agreement with yourself, push yourself, find the times where you can make the most of it, and do it, because you can!!!!


Stay healthy friends,




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