Looking Sexy With Vitamin E

vitamin e

I take Vitamins… and I’m out of Vitamin E. My skin is itching some and dry. No major problems, but then I read the info I posted on the site a long time ago and I was reminded of some things that everyone should know.

I know some people that don’t buy Vitamins and say they’re just fine without them. (So they think…)

Studies have shown that Vitamin E improves insulin action and it exerts a number of beneficial effects that aids in preventing long-term complications of diabetes, especially cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown, that those who took Vitamin E on a regular basis had a 41 % lower risk of heart disease. Other studies have shown that people with existing heart disease, who started taking 400-800 IU of Vitamin E daily, had a 70% reduction in the number of heart attacks as compared to a placebo group.

Note: There are three forms of “E” on the market: (1) 100% Synthetic (2) Blended (contains 95% Synthetic and 5% Natural) (3) 100% Natural. Synthetic E is much less effective (only 5 to 20% as much biological activity) as the 100% Natural form. Synthetic Vitamin E is usually made from petroleum, turpentine, sugar, and artificial preservatives. (Did you get that???)
Don’t Buy Synthetic Vitamins!

According to the New York Academy of Sciences, synthetic Vitamin E has been shown to block the absorption of natural Vitamin E from food. The FDA allows the blended form of Vitamin E to be labeled as “Natural E” even though it only contains 5% natural products. (Still think the FDA is out to protect us?) Sorry to burst your bubble… As a result, consumers are mislead into thinking it is a 100% Natural E, when it is not! It’s 95% synthetic. The 100% Natural form of Vitamin E is derived from soybeans and contains 5 times more biological activity than the synthetic form.

Guess what happens if you’re deficient in Vitamin E? May lead to a rupture of red blood cells, loss of reproductive powers, lack of sexual vitality, abnormal fat deposits in muscles, degenerative changes in the heart and other muscles; dry skin.

I’ll be getting my Vitamin E tomorrow!!



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