I love to see people making healthy  choices when it comes to buying food. However, over the last few months, why is it that everything now has the word “organic” on it?

Are all of these companies now proving us with “Healthy” doughnuts, cookies, cakes, and ice cream!!! Yes its a dream come true…… NOT.

Have you ever heard someone say ” its ok, its organic”? The real question is, did you even look at the ingredients? Is it really ok? Just because it says its organic doesn’t mean that the product didn’t come from a GMO source, or that ingredient is still just as unhealthy as the conventional item.

I recently saw a bag of one the worst kinds of chips with an organic label. Does that make it ok to eat?

One of the ingredients was”Maltodextrin(made from corn)”. But it was “organic “Maltodextrin(made from corn).

So you ask what is that??  Well, to give you the short and sweet least scientific terminology;Maltodextrin  is a highly processed starch like compound. It adds shelf life, creates a thickening reaction to food, acts as a binding agent, its cheap to make, its cheap to use. Although it is not sugar its has a glycemic index of 130. (table sugar has an index of 65).

It has also been linked to Celiac Disease, and Chrohn Disease…. here is a quick glance from Dr. Axe.

Are you ready to hear what makes Organic Maltodextrin different?

Organic Maltodextrin should be derived from tapioca. But does that take away any side effect? No ..  but to make it even better remember this Malyodextrin was (made from corn) what is the biggest GMO crop?  Corn.

So you tell me, is it safe to always buy it, if it say “organic”?

Don’t even get me started on natural flavors!!! Check out this post

Now I must say, I buy organic…. organic Produce, grains, coffee and my simple ingredients. However, all of the food I buy has a rule – if you dont know the ingredients, or if you dont know that it is derived from… pass. And always remember if it walks like a doughnut, and talks like a doughnut, it’s still just a doughnut.


Stay Healthy Friends





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