Insecticides Effects, And A Natural, Chemical Free Solution

What’s the big deal with bug spray, or insecticides? Why is it so important to use a natural bug defense, that is a clean, and chemical free.


I’m sure you all can relate, I was recently in a home improvement store walking down the aisles. Before I even reached the repellent section, my nose knew, and what a horrible smell it was.  If you want to see what a chemical, cancer filled product looks like… look at any commercial insecticide brand . These products were designed to help minimize pesky bugs, but are actually poisoning your health in the process.


The insecticides definition is listed as “ A type of chemical used to kill insects. This is also used by  farmers. Sometime farmers use insecticides to keep insects from destroying crops.


Take another look at that new bag of fruits you just bought.. Was it sprayed?

Eating fruit photo

Don’t let these lovey names of insecticides full you, they are some pretty nasty stuff Why?  Well, lets break it down.

Here are some of the types of insecticides

DDT – dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (wow, try saying that 5 times) – toxic to animals and humans. This product was banned in the USA as of 1972

Lead Arsenate – white solid that is poisonous. – the State of New Jersey stated that “ Lead arsenate can irritate the nose and throat. Exposure can cause headaches, irritability, reduced memory, disturbed sleep, mood and personality changes, some evidence states that arsenic compounds causes skin and lung cancer in humans.

Lindane – crystalline power – it has been stated that lindane can cause serious or fatal side effects. The World Health Organization stated that lidance cause cancer in humans after conducting a review.

Malathion – yellow dust to control mites, pests and house flies. Individuals who are exposed to malathion enough can because sick, feel nauseated, experience muscle tremors, cramps, shortness of breath, slowed heart rates, headaches,. When malathion enters the body it effects the nervous system. Some studies said when testing rats with large doses of malathion they developed liver cancer.

Organphosphate:  This is one of the most used home products. Organophosphates effect the nerve agents. This chemical can cause nausea, convulsions, and death. … don’t know about you but I will pass on that gas. Nerve gas that is
Paris Green- This is listed in the arsenic family. Linked to things such as skin, and lung cancers
There are just a few of the many very dangerous chemical used in insecticides.

Remember everything that you breath goes directly into your lungs, no matter if you touch it or not.

So, you say, it’s the only thing that works, it kills the bugs. Yup, and it can also kill

So you ask me, how to have a chemical free home? Well, I have found a product that is helping me achieve this lifestyle. Its called Diatomaceous Earth.

Chemical free, natural

Diatomaceous Earth is from “ diatoms” or fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms. It comes in a white powder form. It has been listed as a no more harmful than regular dust in your home.  There is a food grade, and a non food grade.  Make sure that you but the organic food grade version. That basically means that the DE is not undergone any artificial treatments.  There is also a pool grade version, that is not what you are wanting. Stick to the organic food grade.The best thing, this is a chemical free product.

This product has a range of different uses. I will say that I have not used this product for anything other than my natural, chemical free bug solution. Therefore, I can not comment of any of the other uses including ingesting.

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide has listed DE as a safe substance for household use. It is a natural solution to rid your home of pesky bugs. Basically, the DE absorbs lipids from the insect’s outer body which dehydrates them, and they die.

I love not having to  worry about placing this product on the outside of my home. I know that in doing this I am not interfering with my families health, and I am still keeping the bugs at bay. I encourage you to visit their site, and check them out for yourself.
chemical free

The best way we have found to use it, is to take a fertilizer spreader fill it up and start-a-going.

Make sure to line the promoter of your  property to create a barrier. Then line the outside of your walls with a trail of DE. This seams to do the trick. Repeat, every few months – or when needed.


Once you finish, kick up your feed, and enjoy the start to your bug free life, and a insecticide chemical free life.



Any remember, you did it without compromising your natural, chemical free lifestyle.

Healthy Friends



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