Convenience, the fast-food struggle

One of the biggest struggles for people is, eating healthy on the go. Here are a few facts I found that may shock you: Fast food restaurants in America serve 50 million customers per day. The American consumer drinks more than 54 gallons of…

NEW PAGE – Natural topics forum


Hey everyone, I wanted to send out a message letting everyone know I have added a new page on my blog. Its called “Natural Topics Forum“  This is a place where you can sent over a quick message, or connect with fellow heath nuts….

B.js Wholesale weekly trip

This week was a small hall Last week we stocked up with most of the month’s supply. However, we snaged alot of our weekly items on sale. Organic gala apples $8.99 5lbs Organic salad 3.69 each (on sale) (2) Greek yogurt 40 oz  $2.99…