Vaccine Safety Commission: 50 studies the AAP failed to send President Trump

(Natural News) A new organization launched this morning calling themselves “Vaccine Safety Commission”, a nonprofit organization that was formed by “concerned scientists, doctors, journalists, and parents.” For now, the group has chosen to remain anonymous, but I certainly hope that changes soon. The group…

Treat Your Body Right


5-Step Detox to Revitalize You At the arrival of spring it’s a natural instinct to cast off the winter blues and feel renewed. It is also a great time to eliminate the toxins that have been burdening your system, leaving you sluggish and fatigued….

Juice Fast

detox juicing

Fasting with juice is a great way to clean up the toxins in your body. Juice fasting is non-evasive and economical since you do not have to buy any fancy medicines. When you juice fast you can try to drink the juices that will…