A Pretty Drug Rep Isn’t Passing Out Candy!

Imagine a having your brain removed…(lobotomy)…A saw cutting through your skull, followed by a surgical knife cutting into the portion responsible for helping you cope with all the meaness in the world. (You know, things like excessive income tax which makes you work four months out of every year just to pay Uncle Sam. Or inflation that ensures a lifetime of economic slavery for you and your children. Or, the millions of helpless infants who are forced to receive vaccines and subsequently suffer from autism.

Without the ability to cope, all kinds of craziness from the nastiness in the world….depression, suicide, and murder would become a reality…And this is exactly what an “SSRI” (antidepressant) can potentially do at the molecular level – remove that portion of your brain that helps you cope…Maybe that’s what happened to 81 year old Jordan Stone.

Thirteen days after taking Prozac, on April 28, 2003, Jordan’s wife of 56 years, Kathy, found his lifeless body hanging from a beam in a back room of their shop. Not depressed at the time of his appointment, Jordan was given a free sample of Prozac for “chest pains!” Apparently, a pretty drug rep convinced Jordan’s doctor that Prozac could be used for these types of “off-label” purposes. This is totally illegal, by FDA standards. But those standards are never enforced by the consumer watch dog. Regardless of what they are prescribed for, a “chemical lobotomy” is a real and present danger to antidepressant users.

Antidepressant’s strive to increase the levels of a “coping” molecule known as serotonin in the brain. It helps us find happiness when it’s covered in an avalanche of negative. Antidepressant’s attempt to boost serotonin by “selectively” stopping the “re-uptake” of it among brain cells. This is where the whole SSRI acronym came from – “selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor.” It’s a clever name that seems to “blind” medical doctors into prescribing submission, but it’s a really stupid idea.

Not much is selective in the body. While trying to block the re-uptake of serotonin, antidepressant’s can also prevent its release. The areas of the brain responsible for release and re-uptake are so incredibly similar (after all, they work on the same molecule) that an antidepressant isn’t smart enough to understand which one it’s supposed to work on. So it does what any drug would do, it blocks both. The end result is no coping molecules in the brain. Depression, fear or anger can set in. This was observed in the early studies performed on antidepressant’s, but test subjects were allowed to drop out or mask the pain that comes with a chemical lobotomy using pain killers and/or muscle relaxants. This served as an easy way for Big Pharmaceuticals to hide the detrimental effects of antidepressant’s – FDA approval followed, and so has the ripple effect of suicide.

Truth doesn’t stay hidden forever. FDA is proposing a “black box” warning to outline the risk of suicide among all antidepressant’s such as Lexapro, Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft. If it was a nutritional supplement, they’d throw the manufacturers in prison…But not for the big drug companies, they just get a “black box” warning on their products…

Antidepressant’s block another coping molecule in the brain, “dopamine.” It’s the molecule that lets you FEEL happiness. Dopamine yields the feelings of love, accomplishment and victory. It’s also the molecule that keeps you protected from Parkinson’s disease.

Aside from being a zombie, the Harvard School of Public Health recently warned that due to lack of dopamine, people taking antidepressants are nearly twice as likely to suffer from Parkinson’s compared to those not taking them.

By removing serotonin and dopamine from the brain, users can’t FIND or FEEL happiness. (A lobotomy – minus the saw and surgical knife.) Instead, they become buried in the avalanche of negative…And if you can’t find or feel happiness in life, what’s the point? What’s going to keep a person in this position from suicide or lashing out at someone else?

The ESSENTIAL amino acid L-tryptophan (not 5-HTP) is a much safer alternative than antidepressant’s. (Your body requires it, but can’t make it) It can be purchased at Go Here– and it won’t accidentally remove your coping skills and throw you into suicide or rage.

Supplements that aid in a chemical process known as “methylation” help coping too: Folic acid, trimethylglycine and methylsulfonyl methane. They need to be used properly to work properly.



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